Sunday, March 1, 2015

an open letter to peter tatchell

So unless you spend your online time watching movies on Netflix and downloading gay porn, Peter Tatchell has been under fire ever since he and several other people signed an open letter expressing concern over “a worrying pattern of intimidation and silencing of individuals whose views are deemed ‘transphobic’”.

It happened once critics of the letter claimed some of the cosignatories included feminists are transphobic; As such, Tatchell has engaged in damage control, claiming he had no idea some of the other signatories views on transgenderism.

Tatchell, who came out in 1969, has been involved in human rights activism for forty eight years.  In a message posted on his website, he says or writes he's been a transgender advocate since the 1970's.  One would think he would known something about the group he's supported.

Or it could be that he's been trying too hard.  When it comes to GLBT activists, they have a tendency to get too narrow minded; that is, they like to having everyone believe how right and important their cause is and reject concerns from within.

Or...I'm going in... He's taken one too many blows to the head.

Either way...Rather than wasting his time trying backpedaling on the issue, Mr. Tatchell, and I'm using the salutation as a form of respect and not to spite anyone, would at this point just be better off calling it a day.

So here's my open letter to Peter Tatchell;

Courageous leaders do not make excuses; they apologize.

Whatever, whomever it was in the 1970's that propelled you to fight for them, are not the same people whom exist today.  They've had their opportunities to make it right for themselves and future generations, and they've blown it, no pun intended.

It's been a good ride, but its time to move on. 

You would do the worldwide gay and lesbian community a huge service by admitting, on this one, you were wrong to support transgenderism. Sure, we can all agree we are equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination.  But how many gay and lesbian people must be thrown under the bus so as to appease a special interest group whom rejects reality?

My god man; That they're even willing to defecate on your legacy as human rights activists speaks volumes; I live in the US and the stench reaches me.  Again, it begs to question why others don't smell it, but I've never quite understood what its like to walk with your head up your ass. Well, not for awhile.  I used to and look what happened. 

I'm not not playing myself.  As history shows, I was the gay man who openly criticized the HRC and then Congressman Barney Frank for saying there cannot be laws which conflate sexual orientation and gender identity/expression and I've been repeatedly vilified for it ever since. And it hasn't mattered having well known trans activists repeating the same mantra; no it's better to attack me instead of them because i'm not allowed to have a voice; that's a right afforded to white men, trans women, and a handful of token black, female, and gay activists whom are only interested in protecting their own reputation.

Oh, and Scott Long? Clearly this is a man whom holds a grudge and the fact that he used a letter controversy to attack you and defended people on social media threatening to kill you speaks to his character. That the man now lives in a country that believes homosexuality should not be accepted by society.  Need I say more?

In conclusion, don't waste any more time responding to those emails from angry trannies; they don't care.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

sometimes it takes a lie to get to the truth

I've been informed that over there in that cesspool of transgenderism and pornography called Tumblr, my new special friend Miranda Yardley, the gender critical trans woman who thinks has weight, waged a personal attack against me on his blog, calling me, "fucking stupid" and a "lying bastard." He also, I'm told, claims I was "butt hurt" because he refused my help, adding "I choose my allies carefully."

Then he got personal and nasty.

Oh. Oh. Oh, My butt hurts.  Bitch, please.

Sticks and stones.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, someone left this comment:
If anyone was confused by your post, it was because you wrote a bunch of delusional gibberish. And yeah, you did make shit up, which is not surprising considering that you're an aging sexual predator in the borderline intellectual functioning range. I strongly suggest you give up blogging until you get on some better meds and you've learned to write like a literate adult. Also, someone with a mug like yours probably shouldn't be calling anyone else ugly.
A man who think he's a woman is calling me liar, and another person had to use a disposable temporary email address to hurl insults because that's the only way he or she can be gutless without repercussions.

Other than the article I cited, which I attribute to a false lead, I challenge anyone to post in the comments section what part of my post is wrong.

As for Miranda, sometimes, it takes a lie to uncover the truth.  But whose lying? Me, someone whom has no real no motive, or Miranda, and her "gender critical trans woman" gimmick?

Not that I want to get into another he said-he said internet argument with someone experiencing dysphoria, code for someone in a constant state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life. but I wasn't lying I was quoting.
And I'm about to quote again; from:
  • The Inherent Instability of the Gender Critical Trans Woman -
It’s a curious place to be: adrift in the gender critical theoretical worldview. Scary, even… for the insecure. There’s a reason it is shunned and warned against in the ‘conventional’ trans community; people have literally died while digesting this worldview – usually through suicide, or self-hatred. We’re in wizard school, and the consequence of not being adequately prepared for 500-level trans courses isn’t an F; the consequences can literally kill you. We shouldn’t forget that this is a dicey game we are playing with fragile people.
The gender critical world view takes away one fundamental tenant of mainstream trans thought: that the trans individual is their identified sex, if they say they are. The gender critical view, instead, says a trans woman is a woman if she passes as the female sex physically, and if she is sufficiently re-socialized as a woman under patriarchy. It says she is both woman and a kind of male. The gender critical view holds that male socialization matters. And the gender critical view posits that some parts of trans activism, actually harm the very demographic that trans women are trying to socialize into: women.
There you have it;, and the source, a trans woman.

Feel free to call them, and me a liar, Miranda.

Of course, it begs to question why lesbian/feminists would take sides with an obvious mentally unstable man instead of me, someone who knows first hand the dangers of special interest groups.  True, and this is the part that causes people to run, run, run when activists and bigots rear their ugly heads, I do have a past I'm not proud of.

But it's my problem, not an our problem. And that incident, a thought crime that propelled my life down the toilet, never resulted in getting anyone killed or committing suicide.

Fortunately, my views regarding transgenderism are not unique or exclusive.  To be fair, Cathy Brennan can be credited with some of it, but, it's become obvious, at least to me anyway, she's suffering from a bad case of social justice warrior syndrome.
Even other Lesbian/Feminist bloggers and activists believe Brennan does damage to their cause; but no one need to take me at my word.  One can just visit their social media or their blogs.  I do.  In anticipation of having someone, perhaps Brennan although I doubt because she hasn't the brains for it, claim their's a conspiracy against her, I will let you know straight up the only conversations I have with people this week were with two other bloggers, and the topic centered around Google and Blogger.

To paraphrase, it went something like this.

    Me: Hey, about Google and their anti-porn crackdown, what are your plans?
Them: I don't like it but I'm staying put.
     Me: Same here.  I hate Tumblr and Wordpress.
 Them: Me too.  How are you feeling?
     Me: Me, fine.  Doing my thing and pissing people off like always.
  Them: Great. I can;'t handle any more snow.

In the meantime, while these two dumbasses stare at their phone all day and question my reputation with their cheap skepticism,  I'm going to stay right here, on Blogger,doing my job of holding this movement accountable for its actions.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


You hear that?

Listen closely.

That sound you hear are bloggers with Blogger accounts defecting to Wordpress and Tumblr upon the news Google has reportedly banned porn and other sexually explicit images from its blogging platform.

Their decision, to ban sexually explicit content or graphic nudity is being met with lots of anger, controversy, and cowardice.

Let's address the controversy, first: It begs to question what criteria or guidelines Google will be using to determine what qualifies as sexually explicit or graphic.

But rather than having the gay blogs (I'm gay and I have no idea what if any the reaction is from the straight blogging community) utilizing Blogger joining forces to demand accountability and transparency from Google, instead, many of the gay blogs have decided to cut and run instead of put up a fight.

This blog uses Google's Blogger platform.  Other than an alert that appeared yesterday on my Blogger dashboard about their updated content policy, I've received no additional notice from Google; As such, I'm staying put. And it's not because I'm a Google loyalist or anything of the sort.  For the record, using a chromebook, a Google product. Some of you may recall a major problem I had with Google when they removed my blog.  A Google moderator said their algorithm detected spam.  I wasn't posting spam.  Then someone else claimed they received a complaint. There were no complaints.  My blog was restored days later after Google employees enjoyed their weekend.

The reason why I'm not moving to another blogger platform is, well, Tumblr is a cesspool of xenophobia and Wordpress is a nickel and dime operation.

So unless there is someone willing to get into a legal fight with Google and accuse them murdering the first amendment, the bitching and whining taking place elsewhere can be dismissed as nothing more than cheap talk.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

pissed off trannies on social media

My last post pissed off a few people on social media, which is odd because the people who were talking about it claim they don't read my blog nor do they follow me.

That so called gender critical trans woman didn't like being accused of an impropriety and had a epic homophobic meltdown, performing an act that is commonly referred to online as doxxing; Although a better word or term might be , ewww, butt raped.

Quite ironic especially when one realizes the online transgender community, these so called social justice warriors, hate it, just hate it I tell you being deadnamed, much less or more having their personal pain revealed on the internet, but yet they have no problem, especially when it comes to having their integrity impugned doing the very thing they fear the most.

This is the state of the trans movement.

And what to say about the so called feminist who called me a scumbag? It was quite an indictment coming from someone who is known to sue her allies for daring to agree or disagree with her views.

It must really be awful being you, Cathy, being perpetually offended by something, anything, everything twenty four hours a day.

You look terrible. Grab a shower or something.

Yet another person called my post confusing.

Of course it was, dummy. But I didn't make anything up did I?

You have women on social media who are expressing concern about being forced to accept trans women as their better or equals, a majority of them who can't put a face to their writing because they're being openly threatened with rape and murder;, there's some idiot on Media Matters calling a closeted journalist a hero for using the correct pronouns, the latter dialogue or terminology no one but a handful of dysfunctional trans people on Twitter and Facebook find offensive; and you have these shallow and not well thought people behaving with the zeal of a religious convert who think by heckling people online, that will get them their social causes on the fast track toward passage.

I don't think so; And quite frankly I can't see any of their issues ever becoming prioritized not as long as there exist doubt about these groups of people who think they can transition from male [female] to female [male] by thought and or quackery.

Monday, February 23, 2015

when the trannys come back to capistrano...

I have no idea what the above title means.  I made it up.  On the other hand, when it comes to transgenderism, this is a social movement that is very much like religion: a bunch of men in gowns sitting around making up new rules.

Here's a rectum derived edict they demand we accept, or else:

Penis is female and vagina is male.

I can't be the only person who finds the above statement absurd on its face.  Actually, I'm not the only person.  There are others; however, because this activism thingy is about winning, and there can only be one, those lesbian and gay bloggers over there on Wordpress, can't or won't acknowledge my concerns, much less even try to provide some educational insight because....well, transgender activists say so.

It also doesn't help anyone having certain gay and lesbian activist so obsessed with the prospect of winning, The Cathy Brennans and the like so carried with the prospect of winning the argument, they don't care about the truth.

This past weekend, while the gay blogs hate tweeted The Oscars and played their silly games with The Bigot Of The Day, ngblog, me, found out that a certain "gender critical trans woman" who lives in the United Kingdom may have caused a woman, a lesbian, to commit suicide.

At post time, I've not been able to verify the story.  There's a news article from a British tabloid  from 2013 that describes a volatile relationship between two women with one person committing suicide so as to avoid arrest and being charged with domestic abuse. The article named someone in the piece who may or not be the person I think it is.

Someone else did sort of confirm it, but, my source for said confirmation is an online nutcase hiding behind a cartoon avatar.

Paraphrasing: "You can believe whatever you want."

I suppose I could, because I have them archived, post screengrabs of that all too brief, yet telling conversation where said individual imagined themselves immune to criticism and the like, but there's no point in that.

No, The people who could provide some clarity are more concerned with protecting this "trans woman"s" right to free speech. than they are about the abuse she may have inflicted on that poor woman who committed suicide, or that she lied about sourcing a talking point which originated from an anti-gay activist and then denied it. 

And that this is the third reported suspension in under a week?

There might be a reason for it: [s]HE was being abusive and homophobic.

Not that I'm concerned or anything; If anything, that all too brief conversation I had with this gender critic was borderline comical; it reminded me of And Justice For All and the following scene where he meets with a transgender individual who had been arrested for a petty crime:

Arthur Kirkland: When asked what you were doing you said, 'I don't know nothing about that taxi cab robbery'.

Ralph Agee: Now that's true, because I don't.

Arthur Kirkland: How did you know there was one, Ralph?

Ralph Agee: Mr. Kirkland there's ALWAYS one.

In fact, this whole entire saga reminds me of the movie: It's out of order!

This entire movement of ours has become one heaping pile of silliness.

But wait,it gets better!

According to Carlos Maza of Equality Matters, Ronan Farrow Daily Was The Gold Standard For Covering Transgender Issues.

Try not to laugh:
With the cancellation of Ronan Farrow Daily, MSNBC is losing a show that for months represented the gold standard in cable news coverage of transgender issues. 
On February 19, MSNBC announced that it was cancelling Ronan Farrow Daily, which has occupied the network’s 1 pm slot since premiering in February 2014.  
The show, along with The Reid Report, will be replacedby a two-hour block of news programming hosted by Thomas Roberts, while host Ronan Farrow will go on to launch “a new series of primetime specials.” 
For nearly a year, Ronan Farrow Daily stood out for its remarkable coverage of transgender stories and issues. Farrow worked to bring national attention to the fight for transgender equality, which he called a “nascent enough rights movement that you can see change on almost a daily basis.” And he did it by inviting actual transgender people to discuss issues facing their community -- a practice that even many progressive news commentators have been hesitant to adopt.
Gold standard? More like fools gold.

Of course what Carlos doesn't mention because he's drunk too much of the tranny kool-aid is that Ronan Farrow had, by far, one of the worst news shows ever, and the only the reason it's not The.Worst.News Show.Ever. is because of The Savage Nation.

What was wrong with Ronan? Everything. His voice. His delivery.  He couldn't read a teleprompter and he's supposed to be a Rhodes scholar.  Not that there's anything wrong with that but it seems that Farrow skipped reading class.

That he's an open closet case. That he can be dedicated to trans issues, but yet consider being gay a shame or embarrassment?

To be fair, because Farrow is not the only infotainer to lose his show to bad ratings, hopefully MSNBC will do everyone justice and get rid of Melissa Harris Perry, too.


In anticipation, maybe, of being attacked or criticized, I'm not the first person who finds the concept of "gender critical trans woman" an oxymoron; Quoting:
The title would seem to be an oxymoron, yet there are transgender women who accept the TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) dogma that gender is oppressive, and that everyone’s sex is determined solely by their chromosomes and anatomy. In essence, they have given up the fact that they are women, because, by the TERF definition, they are male. 
In essence, they have concluded that they will never be accepted as women and try to curry favor with their most virulent oppressors denying they are women and eschewing the right to be in women only spaces. Whether one calls it internalized transmisogyny, self-eradication of one’s identity, or simply, self-hatred, it is one step away from detransition and two steps away ending their existence. 
I don’t hate them. I feel intense sorrow that they have been driven to such a point. Despite their protestations to to the contrary and espousal of volumes of pseudo-logic, I perceive their pain. I do, however have a lot of concern (and anger) about the damage they are attempting to do to other trans women. They have become willing pawns in a conflict they can never win, but which causes harm to others.
Hopefully, in time, they will come to understand they have been duped by an insidious campaign based on bigotry and hatred. Hopefully, it will not take too much time.
source: Robin Lynn Frank,
There you have it. Even trans women consider gender critical trans women activists as pariahs.  But yet gay and lesbian activists want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I'm the one who should be ignored.


  1. a little birdie informs me the gender critical trans woman who think he has weight to edit me has had their account restored.  No harm no foul.  Free speech can be a bitch sometimes.
  2. Another little birdie was kind enough to inform me the article and the person named in it is not whom I previously thought. But that doesn't the explain near epic homophobic meltdown that "gender critical trans woman" is having or had earlier on Twitter.
  3. Of course this blog post is confusing! But I'm not making this shit up, am I?
  4. Making additional edits for context and clarity.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

beware the wolf in sheep's clothing but welcome the pig in a wig

Am I being too caustic for everyone?

There might be a reason for that: I'm allergic to hypocrites.

And unlike some activists and writers whose idea of taking action in support or against a cause is by say nothing or do nothing about these sociopaths within our movement, I refuse to be silent about it. And I really don't give a shit whether i lose friends or followers because most of the people who are running away and into the closet or unfollowing never were my friends to begin with.

But the reason why I be, and maybe some others too but it's hard to say because they're in a bubble. I find myself on the losing end of this conversation is because transgenders are not bound by reality.  Trans activists and their allies can say whatever they want about people: call them cisgender, terf, transphobic, a faggot or pedophile; they can be openly homophobic, misandrist and misogynist toward someone, and, as I've seen happen just within the past week, they now invite themselves of the right to  take a victim of suicide or homicide and rewrite their history to fit the [transgender] narrative.

Me? There goes that phrase I was hoping to drop: I'm forever walking a fine line between conformity and invisibility.

And nobody, Not even those who share the same opinion as I do transgenderism is a threat to society, will do or say a goddamn thing because hell hath no fury like a woman with a penis (or man with a vagina) scorned.

Instead what happens they will unfollow or block me on social media.  I'm the bad guy, you see, not those transgenders and their allies who openly for their rape or murder.

On the other hand, the idea that someone, an equality advocate, because they are the only people I follow or monitor on social media would lose their shit upon receiving the message, "ngblog is now following you on Twitter" and yet when it comes to these online sociopaths, they get all tingly down there with fascination and excitement is in of itself rather intriguing; that suggests they are not being sincere or genuine.

Or maybe it suggests the only people whom are allowed to have conversations or opinions are white anglo saxon protestant males, with a few women, black, latinos thrown in so as to give appearances of sexual equality.

Either way, they don't do this me or this blog any damage. It does damage their credibility as an activist.  There they are online, for all intents and purposes, shouting at the internet over some particular problem, and no sooner someone like tries to agree with them or support them in their causes, or you try to have a polite yet tough conversation with them, they become homophobic or belligerent.

Unfortunate for me. And how convenient for them they live in another state or country and I don't want to waste my frequent flier miles on a coward or hypocrite.

Friday, February 20, 2015

sick and tired

Sick and tired.

No, this isn't a post about the activist and social media personality who goes by that name, although,  he does have a pretty damn good Twitter handle; And that he too, that is, when life is not interrupting his social media life is as fed up as I am with the equality movement only goes to show what a small word this is, that two people from different parts of the world can have the same opinion and concerns about the equality movement and people will want to dismiss that reality as a work or some form of anti-LGBT conspiracy.

You all do realize we're gay and if there's a work or conspiracy to be had, it's coming from the special interests whom think they're one or two causes (sex work and public accomodations) are way more important that marriage, employment, serving in the military, free speech, being protected from hate crimes, etc, not by us?

Because other than those back and forths on Twitter, which only occur once a month, I don't talk to the man.  I've never met him or even knows what he looks like.  Fuck, for all I know he can be she or transgender.  But I think he's married or partnered,  and I have a policy not to discuss anything other business with someone online.  There goes that.

No this post is about the ingrates of equality activism, the people who scream online about rights and oppression, whom demand justice when they're attacked or unfairly suspended on social media, and whom, after you offer them an olive branch, they spit on your face.

I'm referring to people like Miranda Yardley. Upon finding out Yardley, a transwoman who takes a gender critical approach to transgenderism and feminism, had her Twitter account suspended, I took time out of my busy schedule to locate an email for Yardley and offer my services, sending a letter or email or tweet to someone at Twitter and convince them they were in error.

In my email, and you can see it below, I made it clear we're not Twitter friends, but doing what's right for Yardley.

A little while ago, someone whom shall remain nameless alerted to me this tweet.

What an ingrate.

But I'm not surprised. After all, as I've been writing here on ngblog for quite some time, our LGBT movement has gone to hell in a handbasket. There are activists, and then, as someone else once wrote, "there are activists--those that cut and run when the baggage that propelled a soul to fight instead of quit is compromised. Quite the thank you from a coalition whose shared activist focus quickly spins the bottle to land on the choice to advert their gaze, when their own personal and/or monetary gain stands to be lost through the association of the common member's pain gone public."

No doubt Yardley is just that type of person, the kind that exploits social issues for their own personal gain, and defecates on everyone after they run to their defense.

What's even more ironic is Yardley is not the only person to have been suspended on Twitter; there are others; and they too, are not necessarily friends of mine on social media, but I do respect their work and contributions to the movement nonetheless.

Thanks to Miranda Yardley, I'm not going to waste another moment trying to reach out to them in a way that won't trigger the zombies and ghouls or add my names to any petitions to get them reinstated.  It's just not worth it. It's not worth the aggravation.

For what exactly? For this?

Fuck it.  You guys are on your own.

There's someone else referring to this madness as "left on left aggression." I don't know about that. One certainly cannot be left or liberal if they're talking from both sides of their mouth.  And if Miranda's refusal is based on anything else, that would make even less because whatever happened in my personal life is my burden. And their decision to refuse my help or support is mired in homophobia.

And homophobia, last I checked, is a conservative personality trait.  Because this, whatever it is, has nothing to do with anything else.