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Sunday, May 3, 2015

bruce and rick

Having had people balk at my notion transgenderism is not liberal, comes this news item Saturday, from CBS News:

Via CBS News: via google images

Former Pennsylvania senator and potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that he believes Bruce Jenner -- a former Olympic athlete who recently came out on national television as transgender -- is a woman.
And in a equally stunning but not surprising development, the popular gay blogs and writers whom created and or made viral a neologism based on Rick's last name, Santorum, are now his biggest fans.

They stop referring to Santorum as "Frothy Mix."

So there you have it people: Proof that transgenderism is a conserative cause, by way of Rick Santorum, who believes Bruce Jenner is a woman, because Bruce Jenner, a transgender Republican, says he is.

Also from CBS News:

The stepchildren of a woman killed in an automobile crash involving Bruce Jennersued the Olympic gold medalist on Friday for wrongful death, claiming they have suffered enormous damages.
Good for them; Just because Bruce Jenner is trasngender and transgender is the new normal according to the gay media, it doesn't mean Jenner should be allowed to get away with murder.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why are transgender people lumped with lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the term LGBT?

During a discussion about Bruce Jenner, Bill Maher asked his panel, "why are transgender being lumped with gay?"

That's a great question from Mr. Maher; Unfortunately it's also a rhetorical because there is no one who is or might be still alive who can seem to provide context and clarity as to how indeed was transgender lumped in with gay, without the fear of being villified by the gay blogs and writers.

And the who the fuck wants that, especially now they've retired from activism,  having all their issues and concerns dismissed as being "not well thought out" and "outdated."

Even though I've previously written articles mourning, more or less, the end of "LGBT," there are others whom insist we must remain together, because it is now that we are at our strongest.

Say they, and I'm paraphrasing,I shouldn't let a few rotten apples spoil my pride, or something like that.   And it's true: Although I'm now out and proud, I can't say it has had its rewards because their haven't been any. Thanks to my wonderful gay community, I sort of walked out of one closet and into another. 

Thanks to them, I can't advocate for any particular causes that I am for and or against because the people whom support them or share in those causes believe in an exception for the rule.  I can't raise money for anyone, and I most certainly cant do anything about opening a new community for the LGBT here where I live because the people I supported originally to make that happen, dotted i's and cross t'eed me out of existence.

That these people don't like that I've done the time and have ten/eleven years restablishing myself as a responsible person is a major understatement.

But I'll be fine no matter what.  I didn't come out for them.  I was engaging in a behavior that was proving dangerous not just for myself but others, and what happened was an intervention.

Disagree? To do so takes balls.  For those who have some, here's a challenge Harvey Milk made to the gay community way back in 1978:

Gay brothers and sisters, you must come out. Come out to your parents. I know that it is hard and will hurt them, but think about how they will hurt you in the voting booth! Come out to your relatives. Come out to your friends, if indeed they are your friends. Come out to your neighbors, to your fellow workers, to the people who work where you eat and shop. Come out only to the people you know, and who know you, not to anyone else. But once and for all, break down the myths. Destroy the lies and distortions. For your sake. For their sake.
Now that I'm out, breaking the myths and destroying the lies and distortions for everyone's sake, when exactly did that become a crime?

Somewhere, somehow, that "come out... and "break the walls down" ideology has been twisted and distorted into, "Come out, adopt our beliefs, and act the way we think you should."

Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you, Most of that ideology has involved getting the gay population to - for all intents and purposes - grow up, wake up from it's utopian foolishness and get its act together.

Hindsight being what it is, our movement had to become one of political action.

The opposition has come to call that political action the radical homosexual agenda.

Yeah, about that agenda...

Quoting Barney Frank:
Four years ago, a Republican running for Congress in Indiana said don’t vote for his Democratic opponent because if he won, Nancy Pelosi would become speaker and she would let me enact the radical homosexual agenda. 
So, let me own up to that agenda. It’s to be protected against violent crimes driven by bigotry. It’s to be able to get married. It’s to be able to get a job and it’s to be able to fight for our country. Hey, for those, for those who are worried about the radical homosexual agenda, let me put them on notice – two down, two to go.
Mr. Frank, because he's no longer a Congressman, made those remarks in 2010 during a enrollment ceremony for the repeal of DADT.  With all due respect, and once again I remind myself and my readers I was the guy who called out Barney Frank in 2007 when he was being an unconscionable asshole on ENDA, not Equality Matters or Think Progress or Huffington Post Gay Voices, I find nothing wrong with his statement.

But now seems the "we" have gone to too far,forcing the gays into compulsory heterosexuality, shoving this thing called transgenderism down our throats.

True, there are LGB who become T, and T who become LGB, and they no doubt are being hurt by all this, but, if they say, many times with insistence, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression are different issues, then why are transgenders being lumped with the gays?

There's nothing about being gay that requires surgery.

And yet, there be all the gay blogs and writers, oh so quick and oh so happy to call me a child abuser and a pedophile, when in reality, the ones doing the child abusing and pedophile advocacy are the gay blogs and writers sexualizing five year old little boys and girls, and and they're fawning and bending over backwards for people like Jenner, a mentally ill man whom we're all supposed to treat with dignity and respect while of course he and his ilk defecate on the legacy of Harvey Milk.

Much to my surprise, there hasn't been a visceral reaction to Mr. Maher's but that's only because he made those remarks on a  Friday night late night show, and Gay Inc, and the gay media are now telling us, having successfully called for boycotts on Republican leaning gay businessmen and our own commerce, we must now focus all our attention and energy into the so called #blacklivesmatter movement.   

I'm more than certain once they go home to shower and rest, they'll turn on HBO, and watch Maher so as to remind them of what a liberal looks like, and after viewing the segment, they'll go after him like they'll do to everyone else who doesn't use acceptable dialogue and terminology about transgender people;  all this, despite Maher being their, and our, biggest ally.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

sick and tired

Someone has asked, "Cat bite your tongue?"

The short answer is no.  The reality is there is not much more to say or add for now.

The gay media here in the US seems to abandoned its liberal principles and values in exchange for a new cultural landscape where the new norm appears to be transgenderism.  These people behave with the zeal of an anti-gay Muslim extremist, and it begs to question where these people are American or operating out of Iran.

Carlos Maza, Zack Ford, and those idiots at The Huffington Post would love it in Iran; There, the gays are giving two choices: Die usually by some barbaric method like stoning, hanging, or being thrown off a rooftop, or, become transgender.

I've already explained why Media Matters needs to fire Carlos Maza, and likewise Think Progress dump Zack Ford, and a few days ago I wrote of everything there is wrong about The Huffington Post.  The reality is I shouldn't have to keep jumping thru so many hoops to have people realize the gay and lesbian population does itself more harm than good subscribing to this nonsense trans men and trans women are our brothers and sisters  when we all now for a fact gender identity and expression and sexual orientation are two different issues.

But If that's whom they want on their payroll, it's totally on them.

And as for the Supreme Court hearing on so called gay marriage, everything that transpired yesterday, Tuesday, April 28, 2015, was a sideshow.  What took place on all the popular gay blogs and websites is bullshit; A bunch of people looking to take credit for something they didn't do. What only matters is what took place inside the chambers.  The true heroes are the plaintiffs who fought to have their cases heard.  Unfortunately, this being a conservative court, and our arguments for marriage equality are really not all that great, it all remains to be seen.

And then there's the gays protesting the gays thing which appears to have worsened now that several HIV/AIDS non profits whom benefited from having fundraisers taking place at those properties those hotel guys owned have taken the biggest hit.  You think Andy Humm and Ann Northrup, two of the people who led the hotel boycott will be talking about that on this weeks' Gay USA program?  Of course not.  They'll be spinning and making this about them, patting themselves on the back, without so much as a commentary about consequences.  They don't know what that is, and never will.

But no worries: Unless they give me a job or advertise on this blog,  I don't plan on visiting the OUT NYC Hotel anytime soon.

Monday, April 27, 2015

when boycott activism jumps the shark

The following is an example of everything gone right and wrong with boycott activism.

Openly gay hotel owner Ian Reisner has apologized for what he termed "poor judgment" when he hosted an event for anti-gay Republican Senator Ted Cruz in his home, according to news reports.

The "apology" which is being met with skepticism, comes after someone on Facebook called for boycotts of Reisner's properties.

At post time, several local lgbt organizations including, as per Joe.My.God., Queer Nation,
Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, The Lesbian And Gay Democratic Club of Queens,  the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, and the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, are going forward with a protest set to take place tonight at or near The OUT NYC Hotel.

This being a blog, I have several issues with this whole issue; The most obvious? LGBT boycotting LGBT.

On the other hand, we appear to have someone playing the gay community for fools. In his apology, Mr. Reisner said he had not been aware of Cruz's position on same sex marriage, but shared his support for Israel. 

Congratulations, Mr. Reisner, for you are now the only gay man who has no fucking clue Ted Cruz is a notorious homophobe.

(As for Israel, that's a bullshit cause too; Republicans don't really care for Israel, they're just interested in fixing them, whatever that means.  Just ask Ann Coulter.)

So in that regard, a boycott of Mr. Reisner's properties is the right thing to do. So why is it so wrong and demonstrably hypocritical?

In 2012, The Stonewall Democratic Club Of New York City endorsed Luis Sepulveda, an ally of vociferous anti-gay-marriage New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx). and a New York State Assemblyman. In 2009, there was an even bigger controversy when LGBT activists learned they, StonewallDemsNY, took Diaz to a performance of Liza Minelli's Broadway show.  Although there was lots of writeup and outrage, there were no boycotts.

Then there is Queer Nation, that group of idiots who got back together supposedly t o raise awareness of human rights abuses against the LGBT community in Russia. But their boycott activism was the opposite of their mission statement.  Instead, they protested The Olympics, Stoli Vodka, Coca Cola, NBC, and a bunch of bars holding a male beauty contest.

And then there's this, perhaps trivial matter which no one has bothered to take into consideration, and won't in all probability because I'm now making a thing of it:  There were several AIDS/HIV fundraisers that were scheduled to take place at locations owned by Mr. Reisner.  But because Reisner and his business partners appear to have alienated our community, those fundraisers have been cancelled.  That means those non profits whom benefited from these events may be forced into a deficit they won't recover from.

So at the end of the day, whose to blame for all this?

That they're mad at a gay hotelier is laughable. But the ones doing all the laughing are anti-gay.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

is being out of touch with reality a requisite for the huffpost?

With all due respect to Gabriel Arana because there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to as I now describe in past tense, the L G B T,  but he has to be out of his fucking mind.

But is being out of touch with reality a requisite for working at The Huffington Post?

I've already written of Arana - how he appeared on The Doctor Oz Show thinking the latter was going to put the nail on the coffin on reparative therapy for gays and wound up doing the exact opposite and for  defending the Bruce Jenner interview - so no need to go into reruns.

Instead, let's go back to the beginning, last year, when the trannies invited themselves of some imaginary right to become the language police, the morality police and the thought police all wrapped into one, vilifying anyone who strayed from what they consider to be acceptable dialogue and terminology about transgender people – never mind the fact that person had always been, from day one, on their side of the cause.

Among some of the people who felt their wrath work for The Huffington Post. Michaelangelo Signorile, the editor Signorile is editor-at-large for the Gay Voices vertical at The Huffington Post was having his reputation questioned with mostly cheap skepticism; Noah Michelson,Executive Editor of Gay Voices at The Huffington Post, was all but being butt raped on social media;  and there were calls to have James Michael Nichols, an associate editor to be fired for praising a video from a former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant.

Likewise many of their writers; For example, J. Nelson Aviance, who bills himself as an author and opera singer, wrote a piece titled, "I Am Not Cisgendered."

But they all folded like cheap lawn chairs as soon as the trans qaeda showed up at their doorstep with their pitchforks and torches and fake outrage, demanding their heads on a platter.

Fast forward, they're writing pieces praising Bruce Jenner's so called transgenderism, and of course, ignoring the part where he also came out as christian and conservative.

At last count there are were eight stories on the Huffpost Gay Voices, and a slideshow, celebrating Jenner but there's nothing that calls out Jenner for betraying the LGBT community.  In fact, they're referring to Jenner in the feminine even though Jenner's journey, from male to female or whatever you call this remains far from complete.

But that many not necessarily be their fault.  One of the problems we've had as gay people is that we're not taught to appreciate consequences.  It's something that is learned usually after an unforeseen circumstance occurs in one's life.  Once we know what that is,  does what is necessary to reestablish themselves, including doing the time, good luck in trying to explain it because no one fucking cares.

My last post received one hundred page views in under an hour.  That may not mean much to the size queens especially the ones who prefer the popular gay blogs and writers over this blog, but it does to me.  It dispels the myth no one reads my blog.

And it also puts an end to that nonsense I'm the bad guy because I'm not.  I'm the one who is being liberal in this whole debate,  arguing against causes and ideologies  and special interests whom do our community harm and damage.

Rinse, later, repeat: You can't be a liberal if you're defending people who openly hate women and gay people, and in some cases advocate narcotics for children.

I digress; and then there is that weekly show seen on Huff Post Live called, Queerview With Josh Zepps.  It wasn't that long ago, hours actually, that the LGBT was fighting each other over this crap with Michfest.  We also had this fight on social media over something a lesbian conservative said, or didn't say on Fox News," The Pope is being an asshole, and anti-gay inc appears to be on a rebound because of marriage equality, holding rallies and events and raising hundreds of millions of dollars for their causes, that while gay people like myself are struggling to make ends meet.  

[For all those wondering about those banners that read, "Your ad space here,"  yesterday I made a whopping one cent yesterday  from all these ads that appear on my website.  That's a raise from the usual 0.787 cents I usually make.

In addition to that,  earlier this I received a generic e-mail from Google that implies they have no one that knows SAGE MAS 90 or anyone to sign a check so I must give them my personal bank account.  We all know what that means: Once they have that information, they'll invite themselves into a kickback clause and take back all the money they owe me, and then some.]

Update/insert - An insanely rich gay man who owns a real estate and hotels here in New York held a fundraiser for Ted Cruz last week.

And  of course, there was the prehype to the Bruce Jenner interview.

But what was Zepps idea of the important stories of the week? A comic book, a facebook photo gone viral, and "Trucker Patti," a  transgender truck driver who appears to be blaming the HRC for "her" gender dysphoria.

Again, is there any wonder why I'm of the belief the LGBT is dead? Whom am I sourcing after all? I just sourced the entire Huffington Post, fool.

lgbt is dead. long live the new lgbt.

Make no doubt about it: The LGBT, as we who are L, G, B, and T have come to known, is dead. It died Friday night by way of an interview that took place on ABC with Bruce Jenner, who came out of his closet at long last.

Not that we should be surprised by it; After all, those of us who write about lgbt social causes have known for a long time Jenner was transgender.  But we’ve had to put up with a bunch of crap, much it not all of it from Gay Inc and the equally if not more so dysfunctional gay media, the former or latter who have said, well, demanded would be better a term to describe it, we must all walk on eggshells when it comes to the transgender experience.

We must, according to them, treat the transgendered with dignity and respect even though they show none for us.

And now that “The Interview” has aired,  they’re falling beside themselves with fawning praise for Jenner, never mind the fact Jenner not only came out as transgender, but as a anti-gay transgender conservative/republican asshole.

And Dianne Sawyer, despite my plea as a gay man begging this woman to be tough on this man exploiting and intent on making a mockery of LGBT, perpetrated the biggest gaslighting in the history of television.

Says or writes Gabriel Arana, now with the Huffington Post,  the interview with Bruce Jenner sets a new bar for reporting on transgender issues.



I remind myself mostly because no one else will (they’re in a bubble of arrogance, ignorance, hypocrisy, and apathy) Arana was the same person who appeared in an Doctor Oz show about reparative therapy, and was under the delusion Mehmet Öz was going to help him out proving once and for all no one or no thing can ever un-gay a person.

As I noted here on ngblog, the show was a disaster. It was mostly Oz promoting a false product and the reality genre, the latter anything but real, by way of Clay Aiken.

That Arana, Eliza Bayard (GLSEN), Ross Murray (GLAAD), Peter Drake, and others all waited until the show aired to complain about the show’s content has been of major concern to us known to demand accountability and transparency.

No one, including Arana has been willing to explain that discrepancy, although now that Oz is in trouble again for his “egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments,” Arana is out looking for redemption.

For what it’s worth, he won’t be finding it here, even though the joke is on me because he’s the one profiting in homophobia and being seen and heard whereas I’m seen and viewed as the bad guy because dare I speak my truth.

Was Arana watching something else? Or may I was because what I saw was an interview with an autogynephile.

And there was a whole lot of autogynephillia in Dianne Sawyer's interview with Bruce Jenner on Friday night:

Late transition?

Deadbeat Dad?

Multiple marriages?

Referring to himself in the third person?

A cross dressing fetish?

A homophobe and someone working against his own best interests? √

An unrepentant hypocrite? √

In Can’t Stop The Music, Jenner plays a gay/bi/curious? lawyer who helps the Village People into becoming famous. In the film he wears a crop top and short shorts.  I don’t know about anyone else, but it seemed obvious Jenner was sending the gay and lesbian community a message he was on our side.  Or so I thought.

But again, it’s not the first time we gays have been betrayed by our own social causes. And more closer to home, this isn’t the first time I’ve wound up being wrong about someone or something...and it won’t be the last.

That Gay Inc and the gay media are calling the Bruce Jenner interview a milestone event is more than a slap in the face to the gay and lesbian.  

Bruce Jenner has become, for the gay blogs and writers promoting a cult of personality, their new god like figure.  And why not? The gay blogs and writers all appear to harbor feelings of dissatisfaction with life in general anyway, and so whom better to turn their discontent into a social cause than Bruce Jenner?

So until someone with balls shows up in my comments section or invites themselves into my social media to tell me otherwise, the LGBT as I or we've known it to be is dead. In it's place are special interests promoting assimilation, conservatism, transgenderism, misoyngy, misandry, pedophilia, and homophobia.

Am I wrong? That is up to you to tell me.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

bruce jenner the interview. ngblog the reaction

So there it is; that highly antipicated two hour interview with Bruce Jenner finally aired last night on ABC, and it, Jenner finally said what everyone had known he would say for a very long time:

"Yes, for all intents and purposes, I'm a woman."

Lest there be anyone surprised by that revelation, feel free to call them stupid. Unfortunately, here in this asinine LGBT world of mine, where Gay Inc has sold out the gays and lesbians, and the gay media monstrously incompetent, stupid is a way of life.

They're all fawning over the interview, never mind the fact there were parts of the interview where he appeared to be condescending and homophobic and an asshole.

For example, when Diane Sawyer asked Jenner if his sexual preference has also changed, the Jenner explained: "I am not gay. As far as I know, I am heterosexual. I've never been with a guy, I've always been married, raising kids."

But Sawyer pressed on, asking, "If you're assigned male and you become a female, but you like women, are you a lesbian?"

"You're going back to the sex thing and it's apples and oranges," Jenner responded. "Sexuality is who you're attracted to, but gender identity is about who you identify with."

"So much confusion," added Jenner.

Jenner also made fun of an Olympic competitor's looks. In 1976, Jenner faced off against Nikolai Avilov of the Soviet Union for the decathlon. Jenner took home the gold medal, setting a world record in points earned and was hailed as the greatest athlete in the world. Now 66, Mr. Alilov is far from the man he used to be in 1976, looking a bit old and overweight, especially when standing next to Jenner in his clown makeup and multiple facelifts.

He also revealed himself as a Conservative Republican.

What has been the reaction since the interview?

As noted in the above video, Jenner gave no indication as to when he intends to complete "his journey." The media and the gay blogs remain indecisive as to whether to use male or female pronouns when referring to Jenner.  ngblog will continue to refer to Jenner as a male since it's become obvious we're deaing with someone who has gone insane.