Monday, September 15, 2014

fckh8 and the haters who hate


Especially the haters who are hating on FCKH8

In a new video from social justice-oriented T-shirt company FCKH8, several children from Ferguson, Missouri, an area that gained international attention on August 9, 2014, when a young man was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer, sparking over two weeks of protest and civil unrest, addressing the topic of racism and doing the type of commentary they're known for.

But as is so often the case in their videos, the gay media, instead of supporting FCKH8, are instead attacking them.

Leading this attack on FCKH8 is someone named Aura Bogado, anti-feminist native American lesbian social justice warrior and giant hypocrite.. as in, being against capitalism and racism, yet she tweets and rants about "white men" while using every boogieman stereotype possible and trying to get paid for it.
Next up is someone named Franchesca Ramsey, a wannabee black comedian trying to get on Saturday Night Live. She too, rants about FCKH8 making money off tragedies, but lest one forget the only reason she's become another internet sensation is her viral video: Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls.

It also seems Franchesca has a problem with black people participating in FCKH8 videos:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en">so href
="">@fckh8 accuses href="">@colorlines of race baiting but this is an example of one of their marriage equality memes... href="">; Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh) href="">September 13, 2014</blockquote>

I think there's a term for this: Internalized racism.

And then there is Andres Duque, aka Blabbeando; a guy known for his backstabbing other LGBT activists while he seeks and maintains his corporate sponsorships with the non profit one percent.

Here he is trying to remind his followers he was first to call out FCKH8 and their controversial fundraising methods:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en">In 2010 I wrote this laudatory piece about “Cause Commandos” and Haiti by FCKH8 founder. Still not sure where $ went. href
="">; Andrés Duque (@Blabbeando) href="">September 14, 2014</blockquote>

I looked at their blogs and writings, and I couldn't find where any of the people I named above ever criticised an LGBT activist named Scott Wooledge who in 2013 was caught exploiting the atrocities perpetrated on LGBT youth and adults in the Russian Federation by trying to sell a t-shirt with the IOC and Silence=Death logos.

Nor have they ever criticized Dan Savage for profiting and creating a brand off dead gay teenagers.

To be fair, because I can be, FCKH8 does have a problem with appropriation, that is, they've been repeatedly accused taking images and artwork off and using them without the owner's permission.  But they've mostly ignored those complaints.

They should probably ignore this one, too.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

a man who think he's woman was again given license to beat up a woman and won. trans activists celebrate

In what should come as no surprise, Fallon Fox defeated Tamikka Brents via TKO at 2:17 of round 1 at Capital City Cage Wars Saturday night in Springfield, Illinois. 

So far, there's no video the fight; The event was not televised or live streamed so I can't comment much, but, the fact that Fox's fans, many who are not fans of MMA fighting, but fans of but fans of bullying everyone into accepting their narrowminded agenda, quickly took to social media to celebrate, speaks volumes.

A man who claims to be transgender woman was given license to knock a woman out again.

Alot of people, many far more qualified than I am, have argued Fox's physique, which is that of a man, and gives Fox an unfair advantage. Just because he took hormones doesn't automatically make him a woman.  Fallon Fox simply shouldn't be allowed to compete in female contact sports.

I agree.

But It's also quite possible that Tamikka Brents sucks as a MMA fighter. 

Nonetheless, this doesn't change the fact that prior to the fight, Tamikka Brents was the victim of a smear campaign by both trans (AJ McKenna, Monica Roberts, Kellie Busey, and gay (Cyd Ziegler/Outsports, Huffington Post Gay Voices, SoSoGay, The Bilerico Project) activists, many demanding that Tamikka or Ms. Brents apologize for being an openly proud lesbian.

Who the fuck told these people they're the gatekeepers of the closet?

Update: As per her Facebook, Tamikka Brents has a broken orbital, seven head staples, and a concussion from her bout with Fallon Fox.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

game changers: facebook's real name policy, nom hero is a child abuser

Go figure: After earlier being lauded for trying to make Facebook into a more inclusive community,  gay, transgender, and adult performers have started a protest campaign against Facebook for forcing them to use the names which match the gender description on their driver’s license not their identity.

If they refuse, they risk having their accounts suspended.

The claim it places them at risk for attacks, stalking, privacy violations and more.

How ironic.  Even more, how demonstrably hypocritical.  For the past year, the gay and lesbian community got dragged, no pun intended, into a flame war, mostly between overzealous transgender activists who invited themselves of the right to play PC police, the draq queens, many whom objected, many more vehemently, to the notion they could no longer use certain words like tranny and she male, and lesbian feminists, many of whom used the argument to justify their androphobia, or fear of men, gay and straight.

None of these people gave a rat fuck when the members of their respective groups openly stalked activists and bloggers, put them at risk of attacks,  violated an opponents privacy.  Now.  They're unified in calling Facebook's real name policy an outing spree and discriminatory.

Yuk. No really. As a gay man, the hypocrisy of the LGBT community really blows my mind.

That I haven't gone totally over the edge is only because there is always some other event or moment that comes along that often creates a shift in my own doing or thinking and late last night, just such an event may have occurred.

In 2013, NFL star Adrian Peterson was lauded by The National Organization For Marriage, The 700 Club and many other anti-gay religious organizations for his christian values and his opposition to marriage equality. Yesterday, Peterson was indicted for child abuse.

What say NOM or The 700 Club?  Not a fucking thing.

And what does this mean for me as a blogger, or writer, or whatever it is one call this? I've spent close to eight years being mostly critical of the gay and lesbian movement and less on the pedophiles and child abusers and wife beaters that often are praised by anti-gay religious groups for their values.

Will this change? That remains to be seen, of course.  I'll probably be the only blogger to call out the drag queens and trannies for their hypocrisy. I'm giving credit where its due to all the popular gay bloggers who remember homophobia doesn't take weekends off. But will they give this story of a celebrity homophobe being a convicted child abuser a half life of fifteen minutes?  Will they give Adrian Peterson an opportunity at redemption?

To be continued.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

in the news

New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, who last week was "caught" in a video praising the government of Uganda for it's anti-gay policies, lost his Democratic primary bid for the state Senate.  That's the good news.  The bad news, he's still a member of the New York City Council.

One week after organizers of the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade announced that they are ending a ban and allowing a gay group to march under its own banner, Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League said his group will not march in the parade. But Donohue insists that gay group has nothing to do with his decision to boycott next year's parade.  

James Manning, the pastor of the ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, notorious for his anti-gay proclamations by way of his church signs, continues to make outrageously freakish claims about the LGBTQ community.  Last month Manning claimed Vladimir Putin will be outing Barack Obama as a gay man. Mannnig also claims Michael Sam is soon going to be traveling to an Arabic nation to marry a nine year old.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

walter lee williams, grindr, and the hypocrisy of gay activism

I've been focusing too much on dysfunctional trannies and feminists with the LGBT community and the irreparable harm they're causing everyone.  But lest I forget said dysfunction would not have occurred were it not for gay activists and their tendency for carelessness.

And two events are no exception, and we're only ten days into September.

I forget when it was exactly that I had a brief talk with another blogger regarding my concerns about Grindr.  It was either in 2012 or 2013.

What were my concerns? it was the geolocation feature within the app which allows for anyone allegedly over the age of 18 to cruise people nearby usually for sex.

Having been stalked and profiled, and, yes,  I can't forget, lacking an appreciation for consequences, I find Grindr absolutely terrifying which is why I refuse to install the app on my android devices.

Oddly that blogger dismissed my concerns; If I recall that chat correctly he said I was being paranoid.

Fast forward to present day, there are now reports of major security flaws in the app.  

One flaw being reported is age verification; William Saponaro Jr. is suing its developers for negligence after he was arrested for sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Saponaro claims a 13-year-old boy that he and another man had sex with had been on Grindr – which has a minimum age requirement of 18 – and that the liaison had been arranged via the app.

To be fair, because I can, I doubt this story will hold up in court; But this flaw cannot.

In late August, it was reported Grindr's geolocation interface has been used to track down gay men, specifically those who live in countries where homosexuality is a crime or sex offense, making them targets for gay bashing, or worse.

And then there's the story of Walter Lee Williams, a former USC professor who  in 2013 was placed on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted fugitives for real, not imagined sexual exploitation of young boys.

According to the LA Times, Williams, who is the founder of The International Gay andLesbian Review,  pleaded guilty Friday to flying to the Philippines and having sex with several underage boys he groomed online.

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, all the popular gay blogs are either pretending this story doesn't exist, or in the case of Towleroad, they're taking the moral high ground either by trying to deny away his gay or calling him a liar and fraud, a rather difficult claim to make given his "prominence" within the LGBT activist circles.

And therein lies the problem: For every high profile incident that occurs, whether it be Grindr, or someone like Walter, a feminist blogger or trans activist, gay activists love to engage in plausible deniability.

Grindr unsafe? "I was just using it to find out how many other gay people live near me."  Yeah, sure you were.

"Walter who? Never heard of him, so he can't be gay.  And no gay man I know fucks sixteen year old boys."  Uh-huh.  

If the opposition doesn't or hasn't yet have a field day with this story, it's probably because they know better to be a hypocrite on stories like this one.

By the way; That naysayer blogger friend who dismissed my concerns about Grindr and everything else? He's no longer a friend.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

tamika vs fallon: more than an mma fight

I'm not a sports writer or blogger.  I focus mostly on GLBT activism and the dysfunctional activists within the movement.  But there's an event coming up next week which is proving to be both controversial and symbolic.

On Saturday, September 13, Tamikka Brents is scheduled to go against Fallon Fox for Capital City Cage Wars, a mixed martial arts promotion.  The fight will be taking place at 
the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, Illinois.

Of interest:

Tammika Brents is an out lesbian, known for her ring appearances where she enters an arena wearing a rainbow flag.

Fallon Fox has been making international headlines, becoming the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history.  "She" has also become somewhat of center piece of controversy and scrutiny; promoting an online registry which tracks feminists who oppose transgenderism and regularly contributes articles  for, a website known for its homophobia, racism, and misogyny.

At post time, it was unclear of the event will air on pay per view, livestream, or local sports television.  Its also too early to say or write who is the favorite to win, but that hasn't stopped many trans activists, including someone named AJ McKenna, the deputy editor for SoSoGay, an online LGBT magazine based in The UK. 

McKenna, a heterosexual man who thinks he's lesbian, hasn't hid his hatred for Tamikka Brents. His or her attacks In one post, McKenna demanded Brents ditch a rainbow flag she's been known to wear when making her entrances.  In other posts, McKenna's claimed Brent's not suited to be a GLBT advocate and has gone after Brent's corporate sponsors.

McKenna also fancies himself a poet;  In this video, McKenna recites or reads a nonsensical poem about Tamikka or Ms. Brents, demanding he seek comic book wisdom from Peter Parker, Spider-Man's secret identity.

What a nutcase.

The only thing McKenna hasn't done is to demand the police arrest Brent for commiting a hate crime for infringing on Fox's right to beat women for sport.

So why all the interest in this fight?

It's probably because this is the one major wet dream for all these lying, sick, disgusting sociopathic trannies; An opportunity for one of their own to achieve a major success or victory by defeating a woman who has been deemed an LGBT advocate...

Just because she wore a rainbow flag to one of her fights, instead of trans flag.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

a new york city councilman praises uganda's anti-gay laws and illustrates the problem with gay activists

Earlier today, I received a statement from a local activist denouncing Fernando Cabrera, a member of the New York City Council who came under fire on Wednesday for comments he made in an online video praising the Ugandan Government for it's anti-gay laws.'s_anti-gay_laws

That activist gave me permission to reprint his statement which is posted on his personal Facebook page.

How very generous of him.

I guess he forgot I don't do Facebook or that neither he or anyone has made any real effort to lobby Facebook to allow me to have a Facebook page.   Misogynists, misandrists, homophobes, racists, terrorists, men who think they're women, women who think they're men, even pedophiles are allowed to have pages on Facebook. I can't.  Nope, I'm not allowed to have even a fan page for the blog or defend myself from character attacks there.

But yet he wants me to publicize his Facebook and get him more likes.

Be careful what you ask for.

But despite my aversion for Facebook, I  visited his page anyway, and from there I learned that a long time Bronx Democrat and gay activist, Lewis Goldstein, is angry too, and is encouraging everyone supporting Mr. Cabrera to evaluate their support for Councilman Cabrera.
"I urge all to view this video. At the 10 minute mark Mr. Councilman Fernando Cabrera condones the extreme anti-gay laws in Uganda. Uganda, a nation that condemns gays to death for being gay is condoned. We need to condemn these view and the people who support them. I urge any elected supporting Mr. Cabrera to reevaluate their support. On Primary Day please give time to help re-elect Senator Gustavo Rivera."
Herein lies the problem: The video was posted online in January, and it seems that everyone, including all the Bronx LGBT activists waited until a popular gay blogger from Queens, New York gave notice it was okay to get mad.

Worse, this news comes less than a week before a local primary which in my opinion is not enough time for Bronx LGBTQ activists to launch a get out the vote effort for Gustavo Rivera, or someone else.

I'm also what many consider an outcast; that is, I've been forced to stay on the sidelines so as not to interfere with anyone's projects... or profit margin.  My recent criticisms regarding gay activism, transgenderism, feminism, and all the other ism's have been way too controversial for everyone, so much, in fact, that many have had to resort to invoking all sorts anti-gay and fear mongering tropes and slurs so as to have everyone, you, conform to their narrowminded agenda, the latter which always proves to come with consequences.

Now we got this guy, Fernando Cabrera, a politician who may be worse than Ruben Diaz and everyone wants me to do something and say something.


All the local news stations including NY1, News 12 The Bronx, and Fios1 News took a pass as have many of popular gay bloggers who live in New York City.

I'm still waiting on +The Bronx LGBTQ Center to release a statement.  I've no idea who is in charge anymore, let alone who runs their social media. That I have to ask...

But in as much as laugh at the sanctimonious hypocrisy, I'm still an activist, blogger, and lifelong resident of the borough, so I can't make any excuses either.  But I don't follow Mr Cabrera on social media.  I live in another district.  I also suck at local politics; It's way too  toxic, corrupt, and even a bigger circus than gay and lesbian activism.