Tuesday, April 22, 2014

that hollywood gay sex scandal no one dare speak its name

Unless you are one of those who are blissfully ignorant, last week, a guy named Michael Egan, 31 has been making all sorts of news filing civil lawsuits against several members of the so called "Hollywood gay elite" and alleging they are part of a sex ring.

Last week, Egan, filed a civil lawsuit against director Bryan Singer. On Monday,April 22, Egan accused filed additonal civil lawsuits against Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard.
  • Garth Ancier is a media executive.
  • David Neuman is President and Executive Producer at Blackrock Productions
  • Gary Goddard is Founder and CEO of The Goddard Group- an entertainment design firm.
What's been the response by the popular gay bloggers and activists?  Other than some cutting and pasting, not much.

Why haven't said much or even an attempt at proving why they are so popular and leading by example?  

Good question; Everyone who is gay and aware of the policy and action involved in bring about full equality for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, must have to know that sooner or later there was come a time in which we needed to address that rainbow colored invisible pink elephant in the room.

And if you didn't know, you are either stupid or too dumb to know your stupid.

So about these charges, are they bullshit?  Yes and no.  Obviously there is some truth to Egan's allegations because others have made them in the past.  

It's also fact that there are indeed lavish parties which members of the so called Hollywood gay elite hold often because many of these bloggers have glamourized them.

For some to frown upon them now just because some guy is dropping pedophile bombs is beyond hypocritical, but then again here comes that problem of consequences: Gay activists and bloggers have none.   It's something that is not taught at those conferences and convenings.

[Once again, if I'm wrong that what I expect to happen is that those people who produce and participate at these conferences and convening will blow up my social media (Google+, Twitter) or email, and they leave a comment explaining what actually occurs at these things beyond having some celebrity or politician delivering a keynote and plenaries featuring overzealous activists talking about themselves for two hours]

I'm not defending these men.  I only know of Mr. Singer because of the films he's directed and TV shows he's produced.  The other men I never heard of until this week, so there goes that theory the gays are connected to each other.

But if there's been a crime committed, then obviously action must be taken.

And also something needs to be done about this ongoing practice gay and bisexual people have in which they resort to blackmail and extortion when that glamorous life they sought to have thru sex comes to a screeching halt.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

shooting the messenger

Over on Twitter, Matt Comer of InterstateQ has been lashing out at Michael Petrelis and another blogger who is not me for a change for criticizing The Ali Forney Center's full page Open Letter ad in the national print edition of the New York Times.

Now oddly, Matt, who claims to be journalist, seems to have a problem with activists and bloggers holding the gay leadership accountable for their actions.

I guess Matt must have been absent when they, whoever they were, were teaching a course on financial evidence.

Following the money is a requisite for anyone involved in advocacy journalism.

Not that I'm accusing Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams of any anything illegal.  Although I've never met them, I'm sure they're two stand up guys.  They're put with their money where their mouth is, in this case running a full page ad which calls on having the Pope move the church forward on LGBT issues.

And as for Carl Siciliano, the director of The Ali Forney Center, I've not heard anything sordid about him, thus it seems his intentions, asking he Pope to come visit The Ali Forney Center, seem pure and genuine.

Just one problem, Matt:  Jesus - and this only if you believe in the story of the psychotic mass murder who traveled to a barbaric region of the middle east to impregnate a virgin and have himself reborn as a human only to later be crucified to atone for sins no one's committed yet, is then resurrected, and promises to return so he can finish the hob he didn't get to complete the first time around- never said anything about a Pope, let alone about some guy who lives in a palace in the middle of Rome.

Spending $150,000 to beg a man who is really nothing more than a 78 year old executive selling an invisible product is not only a complete waste of money, it's also unethical.

Not that you would know anything about that.

the more things change, the more they stay the same

Last week, I wrote of my concerns regarding this woman, Michelle Meow (Michelle Sinhbandith), host of Swirl Radio and her recent interviews with several people who claim to be victims of bullying by gay and lesbian activists.   Of concern is how she managed somehow to overlook an important fact which is that these people mostly created these situations mostly to favor themselves or their own causes.

I contacted Michelle via email in the hopes that she would confront her one of her guests and his own incredulous history, but alas, it was not to be.  The interview was pretaped in advance and Michelle never responded to my concerns.

Not that I expected to, of course.   LGBT activists tend to be narrowminded and centrally focused on only the things that matter to them the most, often times to the exclusion of everyone else, and obviously Michelle Meow is no exception.

Being that I have no real motive, that is, I'm not looking to become a celebrity, TV or radio personality, public speaker, pundit, politician, or community leader, why bother?

Here's why you should bother: I'm not lying.

Now I wasn't planning to revisit this issue, but as it turns out, today on Swirl Radio,  Michelle Meow is interviewing Scott Lively, an anti-gay bigot who recently took credit for inspiring Russia and Uganda's new anti-gay laws, and a man who says gay people are the true inventors of Nazism.

So it goes.

And this a radio program that is supposed to be LGBT inclusive.  Yeah. right. By giving anti-gay bigots a platform to spew their anti-gay rhetoric.

Again, lest one think this is just me being embittered about being cheated out of life, or me taking things out of context - there goes another anti-gayism - last week,  The Ali Forney Center ran a full page ad in the New York Times, an open letter written by Carl Siciliano, Director of The Ali Forney Center asking Pope Francis to visit their facilities in Queens.

Total cost of the ad?  According to Michael Petrelis, $150,000.

To be fair, the ad was paid for by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, two gay oligarchs and owners of a furniture company, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  

So what's so wrong with running a full page in the New York Times?

Other than gay men asking a 76 year old executive who runs a business where they got caught running a child sex wrong and yet somehow despite it all they still get to keep their customers, nothing at all.

Or that here in the borough I live in, people have been trying in vain to raise money to open a new LGBT center but they can't because no one really cares whether or not there are programs or places for gay people young and old to go to in their times of need.

At the end of the day, it's always about some gay social group or clique turning their disdain and contempt inward instead of out.

Friday, April 18, 2014

bryan singer, gendertrender, and the gatekeepers of politically correct trannyness

It took a week and accusations of misogyny, homophobia and first amendment murder, but it seems someone at Automattic, Wordpress' parent company was listening and just like that, GallusMag had her blogging privileges restored.

Not that anyone in the gay media noticed.  If you ask them, it's not their problem and they don't want get involved.  But they should have, because we had someone interfering with a blogger's first amendment rights.

Imagine if this had been some other gay or lesbian blogger and activist with a Wordpress blog and they too had some person exploiting a loophole which then results in someone resulted at Wordpress shut down the blog without looking first to check whether the complaint has merit?

They would be shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs.

This is the reason why I fought for GallusMag, even though I don't know who this person is, let alone support her ideology.  I'm automatically opposed to anyone who uses their influence to create situations that favour themselves; And [lesbian] feminists have done their fair share of harm to the LGBT community too.

Ah, feminist lesbians may be justified in getting rid of NAMBLA from the gay rights movement, but they're also primarily responsible for triggering a sex offender hysetiera, helping to get laws based on rage and fear instead of facts and common sense.

While these laws have been proven unconstitutional and ineffective that hasn't stopped some feminists from using sex offenders as their cause celeb re.

But at some point someone has to say enough is enough and put a stop to this bleeding into madness, and the people responsible for nearly all of it of are the trannies.


Someone hit the siren and notify the gatekeepers of politically correct trannyness.

Speaking of, it seems that trans icon Jayne County was put into Facebook jail for including the words "tranny" and "shemale" in a post to her timeline.  However word is, the reason behind the suspension is because Jayne has joined a rather small group of transwomen who in recent days have been fighting back against homophobic trans women on social media, the latter looking to impose their will on the majority LGBT community thru oppression.


The trannies.  They're taking the gay rights movement hostage.

Meanwhile, As I predicted, the popular gay bloggers are all trying to distance themselves from a major gay scandal involving Bryan Singer who is now being accused of pedophilia by someone named Michael Egan,31.  

Mr. Egan is accusing Singer of drugging and raping him 15 years ago at a drug fueled party in Los Angeles.

Now oddly everyone has known about these parties Mr. Singer holds often.  Some have even glamorized those parties on their blogs and websites.  But now that someone is looking to make a quick payday by hurling the P bomb at someone famous and gay, now all the bloggers are questioning the moral integrity of those parties.  

That's if they're even bothering writing about it.

Once person I know is occupying himself by posting meaningless status updates on his social media.  Someone else I know has been busy trying to role play his way into some daddy/boy thing.  And a few other people are pretending to be above it all.

The good news is, it's Fridays, which means I'll have fifteen minutes of peace and then back to ranting about something else.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

automattic and wordpress are still censoring lesbian blogger for correctly identifying accused rapist

Hard to believe but it's been just under a week since GallusMag made the stunning announcement she was locked out of her own blog because she dared to write about a trans woman charged with rape.

What say Automattic, Wordpress' parent company? Nothing; Many of GallusMag's allies and followers have contacted Wordpress support thru social media but they've received no reply.

What say the popular gay bloggers? Nothing, of course. There could be many reasons for this, including but not limited to gay men having harboring a grudge against lesbians for getting NAMBLA banned from participating in gay parades, which I agree with by the way.

Why is that? Because NAMBLA was a small group of gay and straight men with narrowminded views and those views ultimately proved dangerous to our democracy.

Or maybe it's just that some gay men love putting their penis in unwanted places.

And that's certainly true of the homophobic transgender movement, a bunch of sometimes self loathing gay men who claim to be psychologically female and whom are now imposing a dogma against lesbians, especially those who advocate for women's rights.

Would it kill these popular gay (and lesbian) bloggers join the call in holding Automattic and Wordpress accountable? No it won't.  Some had no problem doing so last week when Peter LaBarbera was being detained in Canada so I don't see what the problem is now.

[Yes I do.]

Meanwhile GallusMag awaits her fate, over at FreethoughtBlogs, Zinnia Jones, a trans woman who cant seem to decide whether she's gay, anti-gay, ex-gay, straight, or bi trans, started a "no platform" petition against other trans women who like men, proving once again, that hypocrisy knows no bounds.


And as for GallusMag? I've not heard from her at all, which is again, not surprising. After all, she is part of a special interest group, and is so often the case, they all tend to be centrally and intensely focused on only the things that matter to them. Since I'm not necessarily pro feminist, just a blogger supporting another blogger, I'm right back to where I started.

And it's only Thursday.

Update: Go figure, I received a response from GallusMag, and unfortunately her situation has not changed at all.  What angers me more is the reaction by the so called popular gay bloggers, many of whom just don't seem to care a blogging provider is censoring an LGBT activist.  

Now oddly some of these people are the same ones whom demand their readers jump thru hoops when they're having problems with their blogging providers.  Now that we have a bonafide case of censorship, they all couldn't be bothered. 

‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old boy in 1999

Here goes a story you won't see on any of the popular gay blogs, mostly because it goes against the narrative gay people have morals.

(And if you do see any of the popular gay bloggers printing or publishing this story, it's only because they want to distance themselves from that other narrative gays have no morals.)

Bryan Singer, director of The Usual Suspects and the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past,has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy after allegedly plying him with drugs and alcohol on several occasions in 1998 and 1999.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/04/17/x-men-director-bryan-singer-accused-of-sexually-assaulted-17-year-old-boy-in-1999/#.U0_dkAKkpqM.google_plusone_share

Cue the "it's the publicity stunt" meme:

“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit,” Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, told The Hollywood Reporter. “We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit. It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’ s new movie is about to open in a few weeks.”

Yeah, except that Mr. Singer has made a number of other film's that were box office hits and this "victim," Michael F. Egan III, 31, and that's assuming he's telling the truth, never said anything, until now.

Now is it possible this so called victim could be lying? Sure! Of course! It's happened before.  Manufacturing sex abuse is one the biggest, easiest lies ever told and for some in the gay community it provides a ripe opportunity for a quick, large payoff.  

There's a word for that, in fact: It's called blackmail.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my brieft thoughts on porno pete's arrest in canada.

After being refused entry to Canada last week by border officials and successfully appealing and gaining entry, Peter LaBarbera has reportedly been arrested in Regina and charged with mischief after refusing to leave the University of Regina campus, where he was allegedly distributing anti-gay literature.

Unfortunately, I've not much to say about this except for the fact he shouldn't have been allowed into Canada in the first place.  But you see right here is where I am already on the outs with everyone else in the LGBT activist sphere because all the popular gay bloggers and activists were actually supporting LaBarbera and his right to free speech.

They now what to call this a publicity stunt? Really?

The real stunt is not LaBarbera but it's the gay activists and bloggers who think they're all doing us a favor by pretending they care.