Saturday, May 30, 2015

“The trans lobby has got us on the run"

Via 4thWave Now comes this:

Dr. Kenneth Zucker, who runs the gender identity clinic at the Clarke Institute in Toronto, Canada, and Dr. Susan Bradley, one of its founders, have been vilified as “transphobic” by trans activists because of their caution in prescribing extreme drug and surgery treatments to minors.

The writer for the blog adds because Drs Zucker and Bradley "subscribe to more conventional views about gender expression and identity, trans activists have actually managed to convince Canadian authorities to place the clinic under "six month review."

Dr. Zucker has even been forbidden to speak to the news media.
So it looks like I didn't have to wait very long at all to find out what more is going to happen and what more needs to happen because it happened:  There are now doctors who are being told they must throw down the drain their years, perhaps decades of experience so as to appease yet another dangerous special interest group co-opting the gay rights movement with their asinine beliefs.

Friday, May 29, 2015

an update on mark and lynna

Shortly after my post, there's tension and hostility under the transgender umbrella, went live, Mark Angelo Cummings sent me an email with numerous screengrabs highlighting some of the hostility he and his partner, Lynna, have been getting on Facebook.

It's as I expected.  once again have another case of a small, yet vocal group of individuals who or whom perhaps, with help from the Gay and Lesbian rights organizations, have invited themselves of some right to attack anyone who strays from what they deemed accept dialogue and terminology about transgenders.  And they don't give a fuck if that person is transgender.

How bad is the backlash against Mark and Lynna? Pretty damn crazy.

Emily Elizabeth Brack is a trans woman who co runs a wellness center in Port Lucie, Florida. "She" even appeared as a guest on Mark's weekly program on Gay Life Television. But ever since Mark came out against giving puberty blockers for kids and called out doctors for expoliting transgenders, she's been having some sort of apopletic fit on Facebook.  In one post she feared Lynna may have been brainwashed by Mark and has been threatening to kidnap her.

Dawn Innis, a man who wears a wig and heavy makeup and calls himself a journalist, seems to fancy himself as a spy.

"Facebook uses the term "friend." I am still connected to this person and his friend because they need to be monitored. It's my job."

Dawnne "Bill" Woodie, a trans woman who in his previous life was a conservative preacher, is a wannabe detective apparently, and wants to build a criminal history and file against Mark; against so as to have Mark arrested and seperated from Lynna so Dawnne and his "girls" can abduct Lynna.

Is this a social group or a fucking cult?

As I continue to read some of the many comments Mark has recieved to his Facebook page, I'm suddenly reminded of a line from The Godfather:

"How did we let things get so far?"

While the movie may be fiction, this is not, and it begs to question, again, what more is going to happen and what more needs to happen before finally Gay Inc and the liberal media has had enough of the transgender tipping point?

keeping tabs

So what were some of the other news stories I missed on this week?

Those ongoing rumors, about a man being sought in connection with an alleged hate crime that took place here in New York City being a gay man himself appear to be true.  And that probably means that Wade "Waddie G" Grant, the blogger who broke the story and accused by the white gay and uncle tom blogs as being racist or gaycist, is in all probability owed an apology.

Did he get one? Who knows and who cares.  I'm always wary of bloggers and social justice warrior whom become popular literally overnight thru their social media, and then act like I'm supposed to respect them just because.

And Waddie G appears to be the kind of person who picks and chooses who can or cannot be on his side of the cause.    

Nonetheless, I'm still of the belief that man, Bayna El-Amin, should one, put up a statement somewhere explaining his side of the story, and two, turn himself in.

Ian Reisner, a gay businessman who, along with his partner Matt Weiderpass hosted an event for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) here in New York earlier this month and repeatedly denied it was a fundraiser for the notoriously anti-gay Senator, wrote a check to Mr. Cruz’s presidential campaign, in the amount of $2700, which is the maximum allowed in a nominating contest according to the New York Times.
The gay blogs and writers, the ones whom took Reisner and Weiderpass to the woodshed, by threatening a boycott of all their business properties, are feeling somewhat vindicated.

Can I blame them? Not necessarily.  Reisner and Weiderpass claimed originally they had no idea of Cruz's views on gay rights, and that was a lie, they lied when they said they were interested in hearing Cruz's views on Israel, and that's bullshit, and they lied about the event not being a fundraiser.

On the other hand, it's the gay blogs and writers who are also lying as well when they say or write, "oh no there's no infighting take place here."

It's only the naive and gullible who buy into that bullshit.

And ex-gay Christopher Doyle, a man whom is hoping to pick up where Exodus International left off, is playing the "blame the gays" card, accusing gays of digging up dirt on the Duggars and also saying we're hypocrites for burying what was and still is an ongoing sex scandal involving someone from the HRC.

Giving credit when it's due, he's right: The gay blogs and writers, with lots of help from the so called liberal media, did in fact downplay the scandal with many of them even going so far as to deny they ever heard of Terry Bean, even though many of them were members of Bean's LGBT's For Obama initiative.  But Mr. Bean didn't have a reality show on cable or satellite;  Joshua Duggar did. And unlike Duggar who had his crime covered up by the catholic church and his GOP friends in Arkansas, it's unlikely he won't do any time for it, while Bean, meanwhile is awaiting his fate thru the justice system.

Doyle, you're a stupid stupid man.  Shut up.  Do you want the media to find out you molested little girls too when you were an adolescent? And got away with it too?

And you're not fooling anyone with your ex-gay gimmick either.

there's tension and hostility under the transgender umbrella

Late Thursday night, I received a private tweet from Mark Angelo Cummings who asked whether I would be interested in writing about the backlash he and Lynna have been receiving on social media.  He asked if I would be interested in receiving screen grabs highligting some of those attacks. I tweeted back yes. Half a day later, I've not received that email with those promised screen grabs.  So it goes.   

To be fair, it was rather late and compiling data takes a lot of effort and time.  But I don't think I need a screengrab to make an argument there exists tension and hostility within the transgender community and that if we don't something about it now there is going to be bloodshed.

Surprise, Surprise.

[Not really.]

It seems that was attacked for my views on transgenderism again. The culprit once again was one of those crazy transgenders with a Wordpress blog and a dot com, who thinks he's  the real thing and demands our suspension of disbelief is a moral imperative and a requirement.  But oddly it wasn't because I wrote something in opposition of transgenders; no instead it was for applauding two transgender activists who recently launched an internet campaign criticizing the use of puberty blockers for children and called out the medical community for misleading and exploiting the transgender community.

Thing is Mark Angelo Cummings and his partner Lynna Lopez are not the first transgenders to come out to express concerns and regrets about transitioning, but the ones who have had political/religious motives.  This one is different.

Mr. Cummings, until otherwise noted, spent years advocating and educating the public on transgender issues.  He's appeared on Maury Povich, Montel Williams, and El Show De Cristina, he's written books, he's done lectures, appeared in several documentaries.

According to their website, Lynna was involved in television production. I'm not sure how that led to trans activism, but whatever.  It usually a life changing event that often propels one to take action in support or against something or someone so whatever got Lynna into becoming an activist is not for me to decide.

So what exactly happened to Mark [and Lynna?}

I suppose I could ask them; I do have e-mails for both Mark and Lynna; but need I?  One would really has to be out of touch with reality to know there are consequences in believing there exists a product which claims to fix people who think their brains don't match with the "gender they were assigned at birth" and that we should be wary of anyone who offers personal testimonials as a substitute for science.

So why all the hostility toward them?

Why the backlash?

Blame the trans-qaeda; that social movement of disgruntled male to females and female to male who transition often with zeal of a religious convert. One would think these are people who would have found bliss by way of their transition, but in recent years they've taken it upon themselves to become language police, the morality police and the thought police all wrapped into one. 

It seems that no one is safe anymore; Not even the transgendered.

The hostility toward them has been phenomenal and it begs to question why.

A few days ago and out of concern, I tweeted to Josh Zepps, founding host of Huffpost Live, David Pakman, host of a nationally syndicated talk radio & television program, and Thomas Roberts of MSNBC to book Mr. Cummings and Ms. Lopez on their respective programs.  Their responses? Silence.

Again, no surprise there.  Ever since that Time magazine article referring to transgenders as the new tipping point, the media has been all kinds of fascinated with transgenders, and it seems it's gotten worse thanks to Bruce Jenner and Jazz Jennings.

And you would think in the wake of the Duggar molestation scandal there would be some concern perhaps Bruce may not helping the transgender cause any by exploiting his gender dysphoria all for the sake of a crappy reality TV show.  As someone else wrote Jenner is someone of extraordinary economic and social privilege, "and Jenner’s experiences will not be even remotely representative of the lives of most transgender people or their transition experiences."

And what of Jazz Jennings? Mark [and Lynna] have expressed concerns Jazz may turn out to be like Joshua Duggar, or worse still at risk of depression or suicide.

Will that be enough to convince the media to book Lynna and Mark and have them talk about why it's we're not doing ourselves and themselves any favors by letting a bunch of crazy, whacked out of their minds on drugs gender dysphoric male and females call the shots?

Doubtful.  As I've already been witness to regarding the Duggar molestation scandal, the media only to starts giving a shit once someone else in the media makes the effort to demand accountability and transparency within itself.  One they see no harm came to them, then it's all out.  But it seems they're not really interested in educating.  They just want to exploit it.

So in a way, I can empathize with both Mark and Lynna because I myself know what it's like to be vilified by within your own social group.  And as a blogger and activist, I would be remiss if I were to pretend we GLBT are one big happy family, united in our respective social issues. Uh-uh.  That hasn't happened in years and I've no reason to pretend now.

And I would be neglect in my own responsibilities as advocacy writer were I to ignore the fact Mark and Lynna in their drive up or down the transgender highway has hit a fork in the road.

By the way, for this piece I cited several "transgender talking points."  I'm more than sure once this post goes live no one will care or notice. 

  • Thursday, May 28, 2015

    the duggars: too much of a good thing can be bad

    Shocking news from Carlos Maza and Rachel Percelay:  MSNBC and CNN have devoted devoted 40 Times More Coverage to Josh Duggar Scandal Than Fox News:

    Trying very hard to avoid a personal animosity between myself and Maza, I'm still not really sure if there's any real news in that except in perhaps Maza and Percelay spending 96 hours watching Fox News.

    That might explain why he's become an unconscionable asshole on social media.

    On the other hand, there's a saying: Too much of a good thing can make one sick. While Fox News pretends there's no Duggar scandal, CNN meanwhile, has not, and once again they're proving why they're becoming known as the king of coverage overkill. 

    On Wednesday, May 28, CNN Tonight [with Don Lemon] devoted their entire hour to the Duggar scandal, and instead of using that hour to explain why the reality TV genre should or must come to an abrupt end, or, better still why the delusion of religion causes significant social dysfunction, instead they had their quack pundits divert attention away from the controversy, essentially by becoming the manipulators and abusers themselves.

    Lisa Bloom and Dr. Drew Pinsky were among several people whom engaged in shallow and or not well thought arguments about the scandal. And it was obvious, at least to me anyway, the were doing it to raise their own personal reputations, which is what exactly?

    Dr. Drew Pinksy wanted to know what type of counseling did Joshua Duggar undergo; and at times appeared to be offering himself for sale.

    Lisa Bloom, a lawyer turned pundit, was doing the victim advocate thing and trying to sell the Duggar girls her services.

    Others still used the controversy to exploit their own histories of alleged victims of child sexual abuse.

    And then there was Mark Lamont Hill: During a "debate" with Ben Ferguson about the Duggars and the GOP, started crying for no apparent reason.

    Says or writes Mr. Hill on Twitter, "Something irritated my eye. I took care of it once the camera left me for a sec."

    Yeah, Mark, that's what happens when you get into a TV debate with a conservative and let him win.

    I'm not making excuses nor am I defending anyone, most of all the Duggar family, but at the end of the day we are talking of an event that occurred when Josh Duggar was 14.  And the Duggars have - despite all the irony in having a family saying gay and transgender people are pedophiles preying on children - dealt with their problem and moved on from it.  The media apparently waited a full twelve years,  until he reestablished himself as a responsible person, to now come out with this.

    So is this really about the Duggars or about them?

    Instead of dwelling on Fox News and what they didn't do, maybe instead Carlos should explain why story overkill is a bad thing.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    the hypocrisy. it burns.

    Hard to imagine that one week has passed since InTouch magazine broke the story revealing that Josh Duggar had fondled several underage girls twelve years ago when he was a young teenager. Since that story was published, there's been lots of outcry and plenty of calls to have TLC cancel 19 Kids And Counting, but it seems they're "waiting it out."

    Now oddly when the gossip websites found out Mama June Summers was dating a convicted child molester, TLC didn't hesitate at all to cancel Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

    Not that care because I am or was not a fan of either show.  In fact, I'm allergic to reality tv, period.

    Having written that, is there a hypocrisy? You bet your ass there is, and it begs to question who's to blame for it.

    In an earlier post, I called out the liberal/gay blogs and writers for basically dropping the ball on this scandal; We have a family using God as an excuse to commit a sancrosanct crime; Michelle Duggar recorded an anti-LGBT robocall asking residents to protest an anti-discrimination ordinance going before the Fayetteville City Council on Tuesday; while of course Josh or Joshua Duggar, until recently was executive director of FRC Action, the non-profit political action and lobbying arm of the Family Research Council.

    But what's happened instead is these blogs and writers have played themselves as having moral turpitude, an act or behavior of which is demonstrably hypocritical itself given our history, culture, and or folklore.

    As such there is now a backlash against the backlash;  The anti-gay extremist blogs and writers are calling gay blogs and writers the real hypocrites, and some even say or write people like me for example have no business pointing it out.

    Let me speak or write on that: Yes it's true: As a group or community, we do have a history that is ugly, angry, and violent.  Our leadership and heroes have done things and said things and written things that in retrospect are regretful, but that was then and this is now.

    Even me for example: I have a past I'm not proud of. But I did the time for the crime and very few people are more than aware that I've done quite alot to restablish myself as a responsible person.  To that end it remains unfortunate many liberals and gays frown upon personality responsibility but thank goodness I don't have to live with them.

    Because I didn't come out of the closet the way I did for their sake. If I did things their way, I'd be dead.

    And although it could be argued the LGBT has, at times, sought to display a sanitized version of our community, one that is often not based on reality, it's agreeable to say or write there has never been a systematic coverup and or denial on a national scale like the Duggar molestation scandal.

    It begs to question what else needs to come out in order to convince TLC to cancel the fucking thing: Gay incest between the Duggar boys?

    As such, I can't really point fingers at my so called colleagues in the gay advocacy writing community because it looks real blame is with the media itself. Reality TV has, for better worse, become a fixture of television programming especially here in the US; and they're not likely to hold themselves accountable anytime soon.

    This scandal should have been the top discussion on ABC's The View and CBS' The Talk but it wasn't.  In fact, there was no mention of the molestation scandal at all.

    So....what then? Mama June dating a sex offender is bad but a family enjoying some personal touch time together is okay?

    The hypocrisy; it burns.

    Monday, May 25, 2015

    the duggar scandal that could have, should have, but hasn't.

    It didn't last very long.

    What's that, you ask?

    The ensuing outrage over the Duggar scandal.

    Mind you, it's a good one.  You have a family supposedly symbolizing christian beliefs and family values, alot of it mired in homophobia and transphobia, and until recently there was not much we in the gay activist movement could do about them because The Duggars are considered religious media darlings.

    Then along comes the news Josh Duggar, who until last week was executive director of FRC Action, the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of Family Research Council, admitting to past wrongdoing with five underage girls as a teenager, including his sisters.

    Cue the schadenfraude. 

    To top it off, there appears to have been a massive systematic cover up at play. For example, Although TMZ attempted to play Oprah off as a hero - Read more: - The reality, pun intended?, is Oprah should have done more to, at they very least, expose a reality TV scam, and at the very most, a child abuse coverup.

    Just saying, had this been someone else, the feds could have would have arrested Oprah and her staff as an accessory, tampering evidence, withholding evidence, geez.

    Thus the rhetorical, What did they know and when did they know it?

    The gay blogs and writers ought to be making this a thing, and were to some extent but unfortunately, they all, or we, got distracted by Ireland saying yes to same sex marriage and the Memorial Day Weekend.

    On the other hand that might turn out to be a good thing because there were already signs the self anointed champions of right and wrong were about to fuck this up badly.

    In fact, they may have already done so.

    On Friday, Dan Savage appeared on All In With Chris Hayes on MSNBC and attacked The Duggars on their sanctimonious hypocrisy, while also cautioning the liberals aka the gays against taking delight in exploiting the Duggar's hypocrisy.

    Not that there's anything wrong in Savage calling the Duggars hypocrites, but Savage of late has proven to be his, and our, worst enemy.

    That's a big problem, especially for LGBT activists combating anti-gay extremism in religion and politics.

    It begs to question whose side is Savage on?

    He claims to be opposed to anti-gay religious leaders and politicians comparing gays to pedophiles, but he once wrote a column defending pedophilia.  He's known to talk smack against religion but on the other hand he imagines himself on the right side of jesus christ, taking it upon himself to show the evil do badders of the anti-gay right the error of their ways.

    We already know what happened when he [and his husband, Terry, and their son] invited Brian Brown of the National Organization to his/their home for dinner in what was heralded a "dinner table debate."  It turned out to be Savage grooming Brown on how to beat our most effective talking points about him, his organization, and anti-gay incorporated.

    And then there is Savage and his sanctimonious flip flop on transgenderism.  It wasn't long ago when trans qaeda had put a fatwa on Savage for his alleged anti-transgender views; Now he's their bestest friend ever.

    And, as Scott Long noted in his essay, Savage appears to be making a case for sex offender registries, a system which has proven often counterproductive.

    And therein lies the problem.  This Duggar molestation scandal is one of the greatest scandals ever. It should have been our tipping point, our smoking gun.

    It's turned out to be neither.

    This "incident" should have put the Family Research Council out of business, but it did not; This Duggar scandal should have woke everyone up from this nightmare preoccupation with reality TV because it looks like TLC had some knowledge something wasn't right about this family, but did nothing; and it seems, thanks to LGBT activists like Dan Savage, we now have everyone taking pity, not just on The Duggars, but also on Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, the Republican candidates for President who have taken photo ops with Josh Duggar and The Duggar Family, and everyone else in anti-gay incorporated.

    I'm at a loss for words.  I take that back.  That would imply having a voice and as its been well known around here, I'm not allowed to have a say in anything here.  To do that would be an insult to those on the liberal side who reject or deny personal responsibility.

    Update: If I have one, I wouldn't be having the gay blogs and writers blocking me instead of their adversaries.

    Meanwhile it's the ones who take personal responsibility, who do the time, who work hard to reestablish themselves whom are denied the benefit of the doubt.

    This whole thing sucks.

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