Sunday, July 5, 2015

the day mikey lost his musto

"LGBT People can be the  biggest Homophobes of all" said the omniscient, self described clairvoyant of all things LGBT Michael Musto."

TwitterWhich is true; unfortunately as it turns out, even when someone on social media applauds him for speaking an inconvenient truth, what happens instead is one then learns....

"You are blocked from following @mikeymusto and viewing @mikeymusto's Tweets."

Because that's how it is Michael Musto's world: He can talk and write trash, he does it very well, perhaps better than anyone else, but when push comes to shove, he's really full of shit and a coward.

Earlier this week, Musto blocked me, livid because I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying when he appeared on Queerview With Josh Zepps.

Unfortunately, Musto didn't get the memo Queerview has become a microcosm - or macrocosm, depending on how one views things and where one stands in the social media scale - of everything gone wrong with LGBT social media; from the blogs to the online content providers.  

Blogs like mine, and social justice warriors such as the one who shared the above image of Michael Musto blocking him on social media for lauding him, are an anomaly.  We're not supposed to exist anymore.  We're supposed to take the lead from so called blogging greats such as Mike Rogers, Pam Spaulding, Andrew Sullivan, John Aravosis, Michael Petrelis - he's semi retired from activism and trying to run for local office in San Francisco - and now Bil Browning and follow them right down the rabbit hole into chaos, confusion, and mental insanity, and let Corporate America decide what's best for our community.

Corporate America is selling us an invisible product, a group of men and women suffering from gender dysphoria and they want to have everyone believe they, not gay or lesbian people, are the new normal, that mental illness is a civil right.

And when one tries to argue against it, or in my case which was in chromecasting Huffpost Live on to my TV, being bored to death again, except for that one moment when you thought you heard someone standing up for something and fighting back, no, it was just wishful thinking.

It just cannot be.

That Michael Musto is putting himself in a box, mere minutes after saying [on Huffpost Live] he rejects labels and not having to box everything, speaks volumes

At this point, the only thing I can agree with Musto on is he should have never be taken seriously as a writer.

Friday, July 3, 2015

i've been disappointed so many times, not giving a fuck is becoming a standard

Yep, it's been that sort of week.

Earlier this week, I had a blogger read me the riot act because I dared to say to him I expected better of him.

And yesterday, while watching Queerview With Josh Zepps on Huffpost Live, I thought I heard Michael Musto say something wonderful:

Michael Musto: Just because trans is the new navy blue and it's been adopted by the mainstream whom would never go near any openly LGBT person is making me a little nervous.
Josh Zepps: Why?

Michael Musto: Because they're phonies, they're hypocrites, and deep down they're homophobes....

Wait what? Did Michael Musto just say what I thought I heard him say?

Alas, it wasn't to be.

Just as quickly I took time out from cleaning my Twitter account of all my junk followers to applaud Mr. Musto for his act of courage, he got mad at me for taking his words out of context.

"Were you paying attention? I said the LGBT community can be homophobic and that includes transphobic, racist, misogynistic."  
"I said the mass media who are jumping on the trans bandwagon are phobic hypocrites. Not the trans people themselves. Pay attention! 
"Yep, he's right. I wasn't paying attention. Can I when it involves a weekly infotainment program whose idea of what's important in our world of LGBT equality involves a stoplight that blinks rainbow colors, a gay sandwich, and a sports team selling a LGBT equality themed cap.

And silly me for believing Michael Musto would dare say something provocative, and speak truth of a community comprised of phonies, and hypocrites and people who are deep down homophobic.

No, he was referring to the media.

Yeah, blame the media for that Frankenstein monster we created.

And yeah, my bad, again, for expecting too much out of people.

Demanding accountability and transparency is a hate crime.

This is why I'm cleaning out my Twitter account. There's simply no point in following anyone, or having anyone following me as long as that person or organization's sole interest or intent is either, one, to stiffle dissent, having everyone second quessing and working separately instead of together, or create content rather than conversation.

And can one really have a conversation if that person or organization is in constant fear of the boogeyman living inside their heads?

Not on Twitter. Twitter is the new Facebook. And whereas Facebook is a cesspool for xenophobia, Twitter has become a haven for drive by activists, people out to make a quick buck or score cheap points on social media with haters and bigots.

And at the risk of having someone accuse me of creating a false equivalency, perhaps of boxing myself in, am I?

I'm out. Actually I was outed, but I don't want to reopen old wounds. But, it was from that negative experience that I turned into a positive one, and that is the reason I became a blogger and activist.  But for going on seven years I'm not at all sure what it is I'm advocating for.

No sooner I find something or someone worth advocating for, I get hated for it, and usually by the very people who bring true meaning to activism.

Or, this happens.

You are blocked from following @mikeymusto and viewing @mikeymusto's Tweets.

Yeah, how about that? I managed to turn someone from a hero to a coward, again.

There's simply no point in following anyone LGBT on social media.  There's no such thing as LGBT.  That blogger/activist from earlier this week was never really interested at all in expressing concern over tranny gate, he was using tranny gate as a conduit to create a brand and sell a product: himself.

And Michael Musto? He hasn't been the same since being fired from The Village Voice. Now he's giving away content to mostly heteronormative publications and websites, including Here Media, and become a shell of what he was once was.  There was a moment, but alas, it was just me, again, expecting too much out of a community that just doesn't exist.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

while we wait...

So as we all take and wait and see approach - It's Gay Inc and the non profit one percent that will decide ultimately what our next issue will be, not some social justice warrior on the internet or blog, here at ngblog or ngequality blog, I've decided to do something I should have done a long time ago, and that is clean up my social media of all the junk followers.

Especially those who have done nothing to improve my quality of life.

Yesterday, I begun to do just that, starting with a internet personality who imagines himself to be in the same league as Anderson Cooper.  He got mad at me after I called him out for replaying a interview he had with Noah Michelson over tranny gate.

You all remember tranny gate, yes, no?  It was a social media campaign launched by transgender activists in response to an innocuous segment featured on a reality show that eventually morphed into all kinds of madness on the internet. Problem with the blogger and his interview is they all have since turned into wussies.

You know what? As a gay man, blogger, and activist, I can respect lots of things, especially after experiencing a failing of my own and now having to live with the consequences of my actions.  I can also respect some people for doing what they need to do to have their own or two causes put out there.

But what I will not have is people exploiting my past and holding that as a weapon against me. I will not tolerate people who command that I have to respect them just because because they moved a blog or tweet, they had something they published on Facebook go viral, or they once won some meaningless award.

I can't call you out when you fuck up and become a lazy prick? An internet crackhead? Fuck you. FUCK.YOU.

Thanks to people like the one I cited and others, I can't do much for my community.  I can't fight or help raise money for a community center, because when I do,  I'll recieve pushback from everyone, including those holding events meant to raise awareness,  and the ones doing the fundraising...

If I read a blog, or watch a video by LGBT activists expressing concern over someone or something, I'll get attacked for that too.

Seriously, WTF? What am I doing wasting my time thinking these people have what it takes to move our community forward?  Time to dump them all.

So, with that, I'm going to cleanup my social media.  I began with that that blogger, whom I won't name because he's not worth mentioning.  On Twitter, I'm going to see about dumping everyone who doesn't follow back, then those who follow me but pretend I don't exist, and then finally everyone else who is dragging me down and preventing me from doing what I need to do for myself and my community.

As for Google+, likewise, but I may use that as an aggregator being that everyone seems to prefer that cesspool of xenophobia called Facebook, instead.

It's a new day. Time to change the measuring stick.

what's next?

What's next for us?
That's a question being asked by many gay blogs and writers now that our decades long battle for marriage equality is over.

Quite ironic especially when it comes from coalition that has no claim or credit in the Obergefell v Hodges SCOTUS decision.

To be fair, there may be a blogger or bloggers whose name(s) and website(s) were cited in an amicus brief but it's not the same as fighting for the right to obtain legal federal recognition of a marriage and to be named as surviving spouse on your deceased partner's death certificate.

But being that some actually took the time to create a to-do list - it's hard work trolling anti-LGBT bigots on social media - let's take a look at what it is they want to have happen next.

Employment/Non Discrimination Protections

This one makes sense. It's been argued since 2007, when The Employment Non Discrimination Act had its best chance at passage, this is or was an issue that should have been dealt with before marriage equality. And in a way, many of them are correct.

Unfortunately, there's are reasons why ENDA cannot, and most likely will never become law, and we can begin with the HRC and end with the transgenders.

In 2007, after launching a viral campaign in support of ENDA, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) decided instead not to support a transgender-inclusive ENDA. Ever since then there's been little or no progress on ENDA, and it's either due to two things:

1. The HRC and openly gay Congress people first imagining themselves a religous exemption would appease anti-LGBT opponents. It did not. After this blog and others repeatedly told Gay Inc and others what a bad idea that is, last year, several LGBT groups announced they would no longer support ENDA because of it's broad religious exemption.

2. Transgenders - What more can be said? After what amounts to a huge public relations debacle by the HRC, the transgenders decided they had enough and embarked on their own campaign to reappropriate the gay and lesbian movement; They've waged open warfare with everyone who did not or do not adopt their beliefs and act they way they think everyone should. Ironically, there are many LGB's and straight allies who deny this is happening. They've instead embarked on a campaign to make transgenderism popular. Thanks to them, Transgenders have become the holiest of the holy. Transgenders have become more popular than Jesus. They help them get a word more often used as a euphemsim instead of term of endearment added to the Oxford Dictionary.

And there's another problem with trans people everyone seems to ignore or deny: Many of them don't even bother trying to step it up. Some of these men we're supposed to accept as women, and women as men look like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or some bad zombie movie that plays late night on cable. You have to be fucking kidding me with these people.

And worse still, the media insists on playing a con game with everyone - it's not just an American problem anymore.

And why? Because they don't have the cohones to tell GLAAD and other LGBT organizations promoting mental illness as a civil right to fuck off. That, or they're motivated by a contempt for money.

I got distracted. I can do that. It's a blog.

There are several other issues many have said or written matter more than marriage. But thanks to Jennicet GutiƩrrez and her heckling President Obama at a White House LGBT pride event, it seems unlikely her concern, immigrant justice, or any secondary or terciary issue or concern will ever be bought front and center.

At present, LGBT advocates are calling for the introduction of a omnibus LGBT bill to replace ENDA; This bill, a collection of smaller bills, includes an amendment that prohibits discrimination in hiring and employment on the sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

What's the likelihood of that happening? We'll have to wait until after the 2016 Presidential elections to find out...and at the rate we're going there may not be an LGBT community left when it does.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a tale of two blogs

There's an unwritten edict that whenever an popular LGBT blog or website closes, the rest of us unpopular blogs and websites are supposed to either pay them tribute or question whether we should follow them down the rabbit hole.

I will not be following that rule.

Today, Bil Browning, editor in chief of The Bilerico Project, announced he was calling it quits.

This will be my last post on Bilerico Project. The site will be archived at so that all 31,000+ posts will still be available for readers. It's been a long strange journey and I've loved every single moment of it, but the time has come to end the project and call it a success. Read more at
My thoughts, short and sweet: Goodbye and good riddance.

The Bilerico Project has been one of two websites that have help to create and stoke a campaign of anti-gay misinformation, mostly at the expense of LGBT activists and the community.  The other website is Pam's House Blend.

The Bileico Project is the website where then Congressman Barney Frank announced Congress will not be passing an all or nothing Employment Non Discrimination Act. After being severely vilified by trans activists, they made up for it by literally and figuratively throwing a respected New York City gay activist whom they invited to serve as a columnist.   They've attacked gay blogs and gay rights organizations for questioning their veracity as a LGBT group blog.

And even though Pam's House Blend  closed down in July, 2013, to this day, it's still not quite known the extent of damage Pam Spaulding created by way of her careless disregard for responsible journalism. Spaulding is also the person cited for allowing a bunch of mentally ill trannies to embark on a campaign of disinformation, harassment, and stalking of gender critical trans woman activists and more especially lesbian feminists who say transgenderism is rape culture hiding behind the civil rights umbrella.

Although she claimed she was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, she returned to personal blogging. After regaling us with her mental health issues, she began to refocus her blog and write of her love for rock band Journey.

Oddly, today came news that Deen Castronovo, a drummer and singer for Journey was arrested on June 14, 2015 and charged with fourth-degree assault and menacing after police say he physically injured a woman. As a result, he was dropped from several upcoming performances and replaced by someone named Omar Hakim. On June 29, 2015, Castronovo was indicted by a Marion County grand jury. He faces felony charges of assault, sexual abuse, unlawful use of a dangerous weapon, and contempt of court (violation of terms of bail after the June 14 arrest).

There's been no comment from Pam Spaulding.

no john oliver, it is our fucking business

Last week’s gay rights victory was historic, but perhaps not so much for the transgender community. Many transgender activists, such as Becky Juro, have been openly critical of the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality.

For example, this is what Becky wrote on her Facebook, on Friday, June 26, shortly after the decision was released:
The LGBT civil rights movement as we know it just came to a screeching halt now that SCOTUS has legalized marriage in all 50 states. LGBT working families and especially trans people are on our own now. Now that the rich gays have what they want, look for them to start funding Republicans to save even more money on taxes. 
The rest of us are totally fucked now. Now that there will be no money for politicians in supporting LGBT rights and gay marriage will no longer be a hot topic for left-wing media, no one will notice or care what happens to the rest of us. 
The battle is over. Gay Inc. has won and as always, it's the LGBT working class who will find ourselves stuck with paying the price for that win. 
Rah, fucking, rah.
Gotta love Becky; She's always telling it like it is, even on those days when she's trying to have it both ways.   And here's one for the fear mongers and conspiracy theorists: I make an effort to listen to her radio show every week, and if not live, then the morning after.    Becky, along with two other people were instrumental in opening my eyes to the realities of Gay Inc., and how the LGBT community loves eating its own especially when it's learned we're not monolithic and infallible.

So while it's clear in her statement Becky is aligning herself with anti-gay politicians and religious leaders reviling the SCOTUS decision, she's is correct in her fears tougher times lie ahead for the LGBT and especially transgenders.

It's been predicted many marriage equality organizations will soon announce they're closing or shutting down as a result of their work being done.

Enter John Oliver, host of HBO's Last Week Tonight; this past Sunday, Oliver spoke at length about the discrimination transgender people are [allegedly] across many areas of life.

I suppose if your transgender, or a gay/straight ally of the transgender community, you're doing cartwheels. This segment aired Sunday night, just mere hours after hundreds of thousands took part in gay pride celebrations in New York City [and elsewhere].

And why not? It was a damn good long as one is willing to suspend disbelief about the material reality of our bodies and lives.

So while there may be some truth "transgender people are facing staggering challenges" it begs to question how much of this segment was based on reality or propaganda.

Just weeks ago, Oliver received a GLAAD award for Best Talk Show Episode, for a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment about a Ugandan transgender activist. Oliver and his staff also worked with GLAAD and other organizations to make sure they stayed on script.

Because hell hath no fury like a woman with a penis scorned.

So what was or is wrong with the piece? Lots.

First things first: With John Oliver introducing his segment by talking about the SCOTUS decision, he lumps sexual orientation with gender identity and expression.  They are not the same thing.  

To be fair, he did make that distinction, but, he ended that portion by saying, asking trans people whether they undergo hormone therapy or sexual orientation surgery is "none of your fucking business."
Transgender people have a gender identity that differs from the one they were assigned at birth, and that gender identity is not the same as sexual orientation. Gender identity is who you are, sexual orientation is who you love. Some transgender people do undergo hormone therapy or sexual reassignment surgery as part of their transition; some do not. And interestingly, their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your fucking business. If you’re still wondering, ‘What do I call a transgender person, it’s so confusing,’ actually it’s pretty simple: call them whatever they want to be called.
Sorry, John, yes it is our fucking business.  Demanding accountability and transparency is the primary job of a responsible journalist, no matter what the medium.  I explain.

Years ago, a bunch of cross dressers and transsexuals came from out of nowhere and informed everyone we're supposed to call this thing of ours "LGBT," no questions asked.

For reasons that can't be explained, once again, because this is not the first time, our leaders agreed to this, while the rest of us went went the flow.  Now we have all this nonsense talking place with transgender activists believing their above the law, above the critics, and above and beyond reproach.

They tell us, respect the pronouns, yet they think they're not obligated to do likewise when gay and straight males want to be known as males, straight and lesbian females want to be known as females, and reject substitute wording.

But it's not pronouns, or naive talk show hosts, or problems with the DMV that are problems, it's in having transgenderism being seen as an acceptable alternative to homosexuality. It's having  some of these people are jonesing for the right to serve in the military so they can go abroad and terrorize people of color all over the world..

Or that of late they're trying to justify their cause or existence by hiding behind gender confused children and using them as a conduit to gain access to dangerous drugs, including Lupron.

If only John Oliver had spent more time discussing the real pros and cons of supporting a movement or cause based on makeup and imagination instead of attacking journalists and government employees doing their job.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

coming soon, i am jazz, another reality tv trainwreck

I Am Jazz is a new reality show soon to air on TLC; it stars Jazz Jennings, the poster child for childhood transgenderism and her dysfunctional family, "her" parents Greg and Jeanette, and her siblings Ari, Griffen and Sander.

According to news reports, the eleven episode series will follow the fourteen year old year as "she" prepares to start high school in the fall, grapples with health issues and enters the dating world.

This is going to be another reality TV trainwreck.

Jazz Jennings, by all reports was born a boy. He was never born in a female body. He still has his male genitalia.

Preparing for high school and dating will be the least of Jazz' worries; but of course this will all depend on the reality show itself, how much of it is based on fact, and how many scenes were staged for the sake of entertainment and ratings.

If there's indeed an episode showing Jazz dating a boy, that boy is either gay, or a paid actor.

And there's another problem, another elephant in the room that is either being purposely ignored or unaddressed, and I assume the former and latter are because no one wants to take that risk: For weeks, perhaps months, ngblog has been hearing and reading mostly by way of social media, Jeannette Jennings may be exploiting her son's so called gender dysphoria because she's enmeshed with celebrity culture.

Until now those reports have been merely talk; words being exchanged between social groups trying to win arguments on social media.

But on Tuesday, during his weekly based social commentary program, Mark/Maritza Angelo Cummings and his/her partner Lynna Lopez, revealed a conversation he had in 2013 with Jeanette Jennings and suggested or implied Jeanette Jennings is suffering from Munchausen By Proxy syndrome.

Cummings shared a screengrab he had with Jennings where she all but admitted to brainwashing her son into believing he is a girl trapped in a boy's body.

Ironically it was Mark Cummings who bought Jazz Jennings into the world of transgender politics. In an email conversation I had with him earlier this week, Cummings wrote he first met Jeanette Jennings at a book signing in Florida nine years ago. They met shortly after Mark's appearance on The Maury Povich Show and Jennings contacted him by e-mail.

During that book signing, a reporter from The New Times who was doing a story about Mark, then becoming quite popular on spanish language television talk shows introduced that reporter to Jeannette Jennings and Jazz. The story was so popular, ABC News 20/20 then contacted Mark about doing a show on trans children.

The rest is history: Hosted by Barbara Walters, I'm a Girl' -- Understanding Transgender Children is one of ABC 20/20's most watched programs.

Fast forward to present day, Mark has been having what amounts to transition regrets. Earlier this year he released a video advocating against puberty blockers for children.  His main argument, or parts of it has centered on Jazz Jennings. For it, he's been vilified on social media, ironically, by the every people who once called him a hero: Transgenders. They've been calling him a liar, and sometimes worse, which is quite an indictment coming from a social group whose entire ideology is based on myth and synthetics and perhaps a wild imagination.

Yet that e-mail Mark shared may just well turn out to be a smoking gun; Evidence of a massive fraud perpetrated by a woman exploiting a psychiatric disorder for celebrity.

Even more odd is that TLC is the very same network who abruptly cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after it was revealed June Shannon was dating a sex offender; And TLC is the same network who recently put 19 Kids And Counting on hiatus after it was revealed Josh Duggar, one of the stars of the show molested five girls including some of his sisters when he was fourteen or fifteen years old.

But because this show is being endorsed by Gay Inc and the gay/liberal media, no one seems to give a shit whether this boy, being sold to the public as a girl named Jazz, is a suitable choice for transgender awareness.

Or maybe it's just a bunch of ghouls grooming Jazz Jennings into jumping in front of a truck and becomes a victim martyr.

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