Thursday, June 30, 2011

is it july yet?

  • Yetta Kurland and Dan Choi attempt to make Village Voice strike an LGBT rights issue.
  • Upset with video posted on YouTube, SFPride attempts to extort money from guy who posted that video.
  • A straight ally for equality accuses me of racism after I try to point out the gaycists (not an actual word) in the equality movement.
  • On June 24, Equality North Carolina and its Board of Directors announced today that Alex Miller, a former lobbyist, will serve as interim executive director for Equality North Carolina, beginning July 5, replacing Ian Palmquist who announced he was leaving in May. Mr. Miller is a heterosexual.
  • Lifesite News claiming Lisa Miller was forced to kidnap daughter and flee to another country in violation of a court order because Janet Jenkins was molesting her. Yep, when all else fails....
  • According to The Family Research Council, Dumbo is gay.
  • Has Dan Savage joined GetEqual?  
  • Add ex-gay activist to Dan Choi's activist repertoire.
  • Equality Maine wants to go back to the ballot again.

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