Thursday, June 30, 2011

why are lgbt activists involved in a village voice strike?


Village Voice employees say they'll go on strike Friday if they can't reach an agreement with management over pay and benefits.

They have started an alternate website,

This is nothing new; This goes on every three years or so, except the difference that at a strike benefit party Wednesday night, Yetta Kurland and Lt. Dan Choi appeared and invited themselves as representatives of the LGBTTQ community.

While there efforts are admirable, I would remind both Choi and especially Yetta, who is supposed to be a lawyer, there remain thousands of LGBTTQ here in New York who are either unemployed and who have been rendered unemployable by local, state, and the federal government – me being one – and to this day I’ve never hand anyone stand up for me or them.

Especially gay lawyers.

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