Saturday, February 2, 2013

blogroll amnesty day

It's been a long time since I've participated in blogroll amnesty day.

In the event no one knows what this is, this is an annual event which commemorates an incident in 2007 in which several so called A-list bloggers proceeded to prune everyone who was not an A-List blogger off of their blogrolls. Those bloggers retailed by removing those A-list off their blogrolls and promoting instead some of the lesser known bloggers.

Here are a few of mine, in alphabetical order:
  • BOOMER BEEFCAKE & BONDING - Ever wonder whether that matinee movie or novel or tv show you saw as a gay teen featured gay subtext or innuendo? Wonder no more.
  • FOCUS ON THE RAINBOW - Articles and opines about LGBT issues.
  • JIVE IN THE 415
  • SAYENCROWOLF - Anything that catches his attention.
  • SICKnTIRED - He may not be articulate, and his spelling and grammar tend to be cumbersome at times, but he tells an inconvenient truth and he's been ostracized and attacked for telling it, mostly from Matt Comer, Pam Spaulding, and Equality North Carolina.
There are other bloggers I'd like to acknowledge today, but they're busy taking turns sticking  their head up in an A-list blogger's ass.

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