Tuesday, February 12, 2013

fake and hate

A man who accused a North Carolina church of holding him against his will and abusing him because he’s gay has recanted his story.


Meanwhile, here in New York, The Anti-Violence Project has been looking into several homicides that have occurred involving gay men and are trying to determine whether hook-up or dating violence,or, intimate partner violence are playing a role in these deaths.

  • Charles Romo, 48, was found dead by his housekeeper on Monday morning, January 28 in his Hamilton Heights apartment in Manhattan. He had been beaten and bound and was wearing only underwear when the body was discovered
  • David Rangel, 53, was found dead in his apartment on Saturday, January 26 in Jackson Heights, Queens. According to the New York Daily News, medical examiners determined that Rangel had been choked to death.
  • Joseph Benzinger, 54, was found dead in a room at the Crown Motor Inn on Queens Boulevard. According to multiple media sources, the medical examiner concluded Benzinger had been strangled to death. Police are actively investigating Benzinger's death as a homicide.


Community leaders held a press conference today outlining steps members of the LGBT community can take to stay safe when meeting up with people off the internet.

Update: I wasn’t able to locate any video of the press conference; Nonetheless the story is getting coverage here on all the local stations here in NYC, so obviously this is not something to be taken lightly.

Read more: http://www.avp.org/resources/avp-resources/96

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