Sunday, August 25, 2013

trans activists call for proper etiquette, but don't show any in return

Ever since the person formerly known as Bradley Manning came out as Chelsea, tranny* activists have been shamelessly exploiting themselves before the media pretending to be experts on the topic of gender dysphoria, even though many of these people are just men who've deluded themselves and others into believing they're women and know nothing of the subject.

Autumn Sandeen is one such example.

He, because Autumn's idea of transitioning from male to female was to coerce a doctor to remove his testicles and con the State Of California into changing his birth certificate, appeared on a Huffpost Live segment to talk about what type of life Manning faces in prison.

Seems that because she spent a night in jail for chaining herself to the White House fence back in 2010 to protest the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and got called a name, this now makes her an expert.

No Autumn, this just makes you a media whore.

Then there was someone named Sophia Banks.  She was interviewed for a story on about etiquette for trans people and had a meltdown when the story was published.

Sophia is mad at because it seems they got her birth name wrong. This would be would be a legitimate complaint, unfortunately, Sophia then went on to accuse to accuse CNN of not asking her permission to use her birth name, which is ridiculous given she still uses it.   Besides, since when does someone need permission to Google someone?

Not stopping there, she then accused CNN of distorting her comments even though it seems most of her remarks, which were in writing, were taken verbatim.

When I last left Sophia, Miss Etiquette was using the C word - Cis - said word not recognized officially by anyone in the LGBT community with a brain.

That I know of, Sophia, formerly Daryl, not David, has made no effort to contact the writer of the piece and seek clarification.

Update: CNN updated their story and are now correctly stating Sophia Bank's given name.

These two special snowflakes aside, there has some meaningful dialogue about the subject.  Lauren McNamara, aka Zinnia Jones has been doing a stellar job explaining why it's important for that person formerly known as Bradley to receive hormone therapy while she serves out her time. Still though it would be great if  someone would ask  Lauren to explain how she transitioned from gay teen boy to adult lesbian.

*In anticipation of having someone scream at me and call the GLAAD police for using tranny, I'll stop using that word when you stop using the cis word.


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